Clear & Present Danger!

The now-famous Blog takes this Holy Day to expose the CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER of the jews of Connecticut family court, where the only remaining option to protect children rests in violence and lawless action, all other avenues of redress being exhausted. Merry Christmas!

The evil doers of family court will promote the Dark Lord Judge Gerard Adelman and his alien addiction to raping childhood into the new year. Children are defenseless from the witchcraft of the black robed chosen elements of evil. There only remains the power of good invested in a sovereign people by a righteous God to employ the Second Amendment in protection of children to share childhood with parents, a concept alien to the chosen. Natural law slays a child predator such as Adelman where he be found riddled with bullets, execution style, face down in a roadside ditch, a missing head, and a single .50 cal casing among the litter of 9mm’s. It is the inherent duty of the sovereign to purge evil from society.

The benefits of the Second Amendment also protect family bank, as GALs like Jocelyn Hurwitz will be unable to plunder $200k from family savings. The devil loses a funding source. A GAL found skinned alive unable to withdraw ill gotten funds with her bloodied ATM card in full public view does deter similar predators. A fine purse made of skin to hold the shekels earned by raping childhood; a warning to those who may follow.

How the medieval tenets of witchcraft have infiltrated family court is evident in the judicial leadership to which Judge Thomas Moukawsher alludes. The Connecticut Bar Association morphed the simple administrative ‘no-fault’ divorce proceeding into alchemy, grinding up families creating gold for judges and lawyers. A criminal racketeering operation played out in court by scoundrels controlling both sides of the bench. Ancient witchcraft remedies involve fire. Burning a family courthouse to the ground dispatches evil. Ensuring that the entire membership of the Bar’s Family Division is included adds permanency of dispatch. The long bench of the supreme court makes a fine funeral pyre for judges of family court, making a solemn and peaceful assembly promoting child protection.

A righteous expression lines the path from 90 Washington to 231 Capitol Ave with crucified child predators. Holly Wetstone can have the pole position at the family courthouse, Anne Ficeto can have the final position on the steps of the high court. In between, crosses mounting the dark Eric Coleman, the malicious Marylouise Schofield, let Lynda Munro drip in blood surrounded by Robert Resha, Lloyd Cutsumpas, with her precious GALs, Mary Brigham, Steve Dembo, Margaret Bozek, Ciel Gerstein, shekels strewn on the blood soaked ground. A label over Munro’s head, queen of the jews. Fill the gaps with Suarez, Simon, Prestley, Olear, Bozzuto, Nguyen, Grossman, Conway, Aaron, Armata, Epstein, Katz, plenty of room on both sides of the street for the cadre of blessed GALs who diligently serve their masters; Harry Adamakos, Kelly Babbitt, Caryl Balskus, Tad Bistor, Richard Callahan, Thomas Colin, Sue Cousineau, Sharon Dornfeld, Kim Duell, Anne Epstein, Thomas Esposito, Candace Fay, Deborah Gruen, Janis Laliberte, John Mager, Michael Meehan, Stacey Nobles, Justine Rakich-Kelly, Rosa Rebimbas, Veronica Reich, Keith Yagaloff, just to name a few. Toss in the court whores of forensic psychology: Caverly, Smith, Freedman, Horowitz.

Logistics require procurement of 4,000 feet of 6×6’s; more than 800, 20penny nails (fat ones need more than three), bunches of hammers, and Post hole Diggers. Reserve the intersection of Washington and Capitol for Jane Emons to be crucified upside down, giving her a head start to Hell, as she departs this world.

In keeping with ancient remedies, the King himself be brought forth upon the steps of justice, where parental vengeance severs ribs from the spine, tears out his lungs, hangs his body in the central portico of the high court building as a blood eagle example of how a righteous society accounts for child predators.

Off in the distance, from a sturdy oak branch, swings a lynched black man in a black robe from a long rope, a noose about his neck for failing the simple task of protecting the children from his own subordinates.

Simple fact that there will be another year of evil reigning supreme in the devil’s playground, unless violence applies to arrest the the child predators acting against the will of a righteous God. No other redress remains.

God made guns, as evil is not defeated with tolerance and understanding.

Let the evil of family court be purged by His Angels in protection of the children. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of all who threaten it.