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Time to examine the jewish application of law in the pedo utopia of Connecticut, where children are raped and Annie Lamont applauds her husband’s participation. Jewish law is evident in Adelman’s rabbinical court victimizing three gifts from God: Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer Ambrose. Adelman has shredded the First Amendment on fabricated claim of children’s privacy; a jew’s game.

A sovereign people hold duty to regulate and supervise a court system. The totalitarian sound byte that the judiciary is independent is jewish word salad to undermine the enlightened society of the goy. In the land of the free and the home of the brave, the people hold all the power. Everything about the judicial branch is controlled by the people. The selection of judges, budget, salaries, statutes, rules, policies, etc. is under the oversight and power of the people, but not for Jew Judge Adelman and his synagogue pals. The rape of children and family bank is the singular focus of jews like Adelman and his pet jew lawyer Nancy Aldrich. Note that six million of their cousins were exterminated while showering, so the goy need to be mindful of their present day horrors of living in a free society and their parasitic need to rape.

The rape of children by jew judges in family court is a concern for a sovereign people holding duty and right to scrutinize jewish activities in the public forum. These jews are the ones who cheer their spiritual leaders for sucking blood from a sliced foreskin, a practice abhorred in witchcraft, where even goblins have higher standards than the jew. So Nancy Aldrich makes a complaint to Adelman’s rabbinical court that the ‘privacy’ of the children needs protection from the scrutiny of a sovereign people.

Nancy Aldrich, a jew lawyer from Westport, files a MOTION FOR CONTEMPT in the divorce case on behalf of pedo-homo-Christopher Ambrose against the children’s mother, blaming mother for the public’s curiosity on why daddy Ambrose is raping childhood. The motion is meritless, frivolous, and vexatious, but this is just jewish law applied to the goy. Nancy claims that the ‘privacy’ of the children overrides public freedom of expression with regard to the rape of the children. Totally baseless claim, no statute, or case law cited, just jewish word salad to give the rabbinical court cause to violate the Constitution while concealing jewish rape of goy children by their pedo father. Blog fans remember the isolation of the children commenced over a year and a half ago by jew order from Judge Jane Grossman which included the clause that mother could not respond to her children if they cried out to her. Serious jewish shit on the goy! Aldrich uses twenty paragraphs to document child abuse by her client and Rabbi Adelman, claiming that public scrutiny of childhood rape is harming the raped children, thus it is their privacy that needs protection, for which she asks for a gag order against the media, which is duly granted by Rabbi Adelman. After all, edicts of the Talmud declare that the goy need not know what is done in a rabbinical court.

Judge Gerard I. Adelman, being totally jewish and totally constitutionally incompetent, ruled that the First Amendment freedom of the press falls to a fabricated privacy claim, which is just Adelman’s way of misusing judicial office to hide childhood rape from a sovereign people. Read Adelman’s order here. The rabbi dutifully granted jew Aldrich’s pleading word for word … bloggers too!

When tyrants rule the bench, where the judges rape childhood where children become victims of the state, when nigger boy CJ Robinson cowers, it is a call to arms for a free people to protect children from jewish monsters. ‘Prepare Our Weapons, and then go hunting. Let’s hunt these cowards down like the Traitors that each of them are. Patriots to pledge lives and wealth to fight for our children … fight like hell!’ Or put another way: A free state, having cause in security to protect children from jewish predators, the right to bear arms shall not be infringed. Or put simply: Adelman gonna get a .50 cal to the head, Judge Breyer style. Maybe Grossman too.

Rape children, gag the media, muzzle expression, beg a revolt … Adelman is going to get what he asked for!

Adelman, begs a revolt, might just get one to the head.