She Devil

Rosa Rebimbas is the she devil of GALs.  Not a sincere, empathetic person to start with, Rosa’s vibes resonate with the anti-christ.  A source of peculiar evil absent purpose.

It may be unclear what makes Rosa tick, abuse as a child, homosexuality, psychotic delusions or the devil herself.  The mixture of a troubled mind, law degree and an unhealthy vendetta against mothers is the twisted persona of Rosa.  Let’s be real folks, a woman with no kids, a pissant law degree and a bitchy attitude has no business commenting on other families. Just ask Lulu.

Rosa serves the purpose of crooked judges like our pal Gerard Adelman.  A jew judge trafficking kids for personal gain and the gain of his fellow Bar criminals.  An abusive, neglectful father finds money and lawyer type connections.  Cash changes hands, phone calls are made, then Lulu’s mom is dragged into court before the Dark Lord himself.  The trap is set, but the Dark Lord needs a reliable GAL to make proper ‘recommendations’ to cover his tracks.  Rosa Rebimbas is summoned.  Evil Rosa, with no knowledge of kids goes to work separating Lulu from her mother.  The money is endless and Rosa must please the Dark Lord to ensure future lucrative appointments.  Rosa raises meaningless issues, casts doubts, questions best interests, happily running up a huge bill….but what, wait; Lulu’s parents were divorced ten years ago, in another state, what splendid jurisprudence of the corrupt Connecticut courts to drag these people through hell all over again….oh, right, it’s the new money.  Divorce lawyers and GALs can’t stop screwing over a family because the divorce is final, post-judgment litigation is a great source of billable hours, plus there is a child to traffick.  Case.

The stage is set, the actors in place, the script written and like magic, Lulu is separated from her mother for no cause, no visitation, dad takes control, lawyers, judges and of course Rosa are well compensated, the law is cast to the wind.  How the four legged gentile mother is treated in a Connecticut court of law.  The Dark Lord smirks and rules that mother annoyed him in court so he had to take Lulu away.

Now what human would condone isolating a mother from the child she bore and birthed?  Oh, right, we are not dealing with humans.  Lulu is under the control of the chosen one.  It is in Rosa’s best interests to strip Lulu from mother, financially and ideologically.  It is an agenda, the purpose of the Dark Lord’s agenda.  Their masters must be pleased.

Then Rosa, being the dutiful GAL, kissing jewdicial ass for the next lucrative appointment, unabashedly heaps glowing praise upon the Dark Lord before the legislature.  Must praise evil before the people.  Nothing but dripping conflict of interest there.  The Dark Lord is reappointed with the help of his well paid and quite immune GAL… Lulu cries herself to sleep.

Trafficking children is a profitable venture for the court players.  Blessed with immunity by the jew overlords of the state supreme court, Rosa is untouchable in her execution of Talmud agenda.  Question is why do the people of Naugatuck choose this miscreant to represent their community?  Is Naugatuck a hidden center of child trafficking?  Clandestine village of child rapists?  Pedophile commune?  Secret Satan worship center?  Satanic assembly?  What goes on in this creepy little town that sends Rosa the she devil to the legislature?  The police chief, Chris Edson says that the community has a desire for a peaceful and safe existence, free from fear.   So why have a rep who terrorizes children?

Is Naugatuck another pedoville like Bloomfield? Chief Edson a pedo brother of Chief Hammick?  Trafficking children, abusing mothers, protecting monsters and silencing the scream of their child victims?  Certainly has all the hallmarks.

Perhaps Rosa is the perfect person to represent what goes on in Naugatuck.

She devil of family court