Wait … whut?

Blog star and Upstate New York woodchuck Judge Jeffrey Wait is back in the news for being the deceitful little shit that his wife Mary Lou is so proud of. Twenty-five years ago this chosen self-serving p.o.s fabricated evidence in an investigation leading to the conviction of a goy disliked by the jewish political machine of Brooklyn, he thought he got away with it, but like all good skeletons, his past has caught up with the clown in a black robe masquerading as an honorable judge in Saratoga Springs City Court.

Here is the nuts and bolts of what jew Jeffey boy did for political operatives back in 1996. A Times Union article here. Decision by federal judge Glasser here in the case O’Hara v City of New York in D. Eastern New York. Fabricating evidence for purpose of political assassination is like a jewish kinda thing. American politics is so much fun in it’s open honest form, no one needs to make shit up … just vindictive little jews and their need to conspire to fuck up everyone.

Blog provides free legal advice to anyone so unfortunate as to end up in the court of jew Jeffeyboy, fabricator of evidence, lying, cheating, slippery, excuse of a human … move for his recusal! The judge is compromised, damaged goods, a suspect in a criminal conspiracy in the misuse of courts. Not to mention he is retarded, incapable of understanding right from wrong, has psychotic episodes, bladder control problems, and is attracted to little boy butts. The first claim of being a dirty political operative should be enough to scare him off the bench. Judge Wait is represented by Office of the New York Attorney General, poor slouch named James Thompson out of the city office. No reason to suspect Wait is innocent, his lawyer won’t say a word.

Beware of Wait’s pals of the Bar, they will be running like rats on a sinking ship, as they are all suspects in collusion with a known conspirator. Look for a cleansing of the county Bar Association. Where there is one, there are many. Another public service message brought to you by the now-famous Blog’s judicial ethics department.

Judge Jeffrey Wait, criminal in a black robe … stay away!!!

Wait! Support Denied!!! Domestic Terrorist Blog posts about a moron in a black robe, worthy of a 50 cal