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Ninth Circuit Speech

Take heed of the style manual provided by the Ninth Circuit while expressing displeasure with the jews of family court. Criticism of the jewdiciary will be met with retaliation by paedo muscle in blue, a.k.a. police. The justification for the clever use of the criminal justice system by the disciples of Zion is that the jew judges are scared, finding the words used to describe jewish conduct ‘threatening’. Yep, a page right out of the Talmud on how to fuck up the goy when they catch on to the jewish game.

But now comes Judge Charles Breyer of D. Northern California in U.S. v Weiss to quote the Ninth Circuit on how to avoid the evil criminal speech known as ‘true threat’. Despite the default ‘rough equivalent‘ standard of the Connecticut jewdiciary, which treats all speech annoying jews and paedophiles as criminal, Judge Beyer points out the grammatical errors preventing nasty rants from becoming criminal speech. For example, “Robinson, f*ck da niggah, he will have a 50 cal in his head soon!” Citing Ninth Circuit reversal in U.S. v Bagdasarian, the syntax lacks implicit or explicit threat by the speaker to deliver the bullet. The expression is protected. Does not matter if the Robinson is scared by the contents or that the imaginary ‘reasonable person’ would take the statement as a death threat, it is simply protected speech under the First Amendment.

Applying the federal style manual, a statement incorporating F35 smart bombs, death rays from the space station, or even commentary on the ballistics of .308 ball ammunition through a bedroom window of Judge Bozzuto’s house is simply free speech. Under Ninth Circuit juris prudence, the fact that Judge Bozzuto’s daughter will always worry about a disgruntled family court litigant taking aim with a Remington 700 from upon the hill is not an element proving criminal speech. Life’s a bitch.

Judge Breyer cites the Second Circuit, in NY v Operation Rescue, wherein informing family court judges like Bozzuto, Adelman, Ficeto, Solomon that they are in mortal danger at the hands of third parties may create jewdicial fear, but does not constitute a threat. Stating that a righteous God and her followers will strike down the evil doers of the family court in divine retribution against the black-robed followers of Satan is not a threat either. Judge Solomon boiling in excrement for eternity is just quoting the Talmud.

The Connecticut jewdicial trick is to cite the reaction to the speech by others to convict the speaker for criminal conduct. The scam is straight out of the Talmud playbook for actions against goy in rabbinical courts, which is well practiced by nigger boy Robinson, a puppet on kosher strings. As there is no law in family court, just the discretion of a jew in a black robe, there will be great rage and frustration expressed by the victimized Christian society upon which the jewdicial parasites prey.

In reality, there is no narrow element of the First Amendment to limit the age old fight of good vs. evil. The family court of Connecticut, run by jewish overlords is evil, begging its own destruction, whether by smart bombs, dumb bombs, big bullets, little bullets, or a crusade. When the headless bodies of the evil ones float down the Connecticut River, no one will care about the difference between violent, repugnant expressions and ‘true threats’.

Remington 700 and scope. Constitutional protection under Second Amendment.
Ninth Circuit style, protected speech.