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Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto

Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto

The dyke on the byke is the puppet head of the Connecticut Family Court.  A nasty dyke full of hatred and contradiction, she executes and agenda so evil, so anti-Christian and so un-American that it can only be the agenda of King Solomon himself.  Nothing to do with law, nothing to do with liberty, nothing to do with social mores, Bozzuto’s court operates under the anti-Christian agenda of the chosen.

The state has no interest to invade the private relations between parents and children.  But Bozzuto is not working for the state, she is working the agenda of the chosen.  The only people on the planet who have an interest in destroying family units, disrupting childhoods, inflicting intentional emotional distress on free citizens for profit of the cult who literally devour children as a livelihood.

No more kidding around, this is serious, Judge Bozzuto is a terrorist and she runs a terrorist operation within the judicial branch of the Connecticut State government.  There is no standard of ‘best interest of the children’, it is smoke and mirrors designed by Satan to mask the jewdicial discretion that is upheld as law by a corrupt government.  This dyke won’t even spend a dime to provide lawyers for poor people; like Baby Aaden’s parents.

Judge Bozzuto lives at 415 Winding Brook Farm Road in Watertown, Connecticut.  She is a domestic enemy of the Constitution and serves a cult master to the detriment of the people.  A terrorist among us.

Bozzuto child trafficker


Judge Gold ruled that this shot can be made!!


Baby Aaden . victim of family court

Dyke on Byke