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Target Emons

Judge Emons has officially been declared ‘persona non grata’ and is targeted to be debenched by the General Assembly of Connecticut.  Press conference held this morning officially announced the end to Judge Emons.

Finally, a miscreant jew judge who rules from the Talmud rather than by statute will be booted off the bench by due process of the people, for the people and by the people.  A damning blow to jewish rule of family court under King Judge Elliot N. Solomon.  Years of wreaking havoc on Christian families and their precious children has solidified the people against the tyrants in black robes. Judge Bozzuto’s precious family court is being dismantled.

News conference today threw down the gauntlet as Christian representatives called out chosen Judge Emons for elimination from the court of the people. Recognition that the judiciary has become the enemy of the people and a threat to children.  Calling out a bad judge as a bad judge to protect the children is a duty of the legislature and Emons is going to get the boot.

The door is open to clean out the judiciary of its white privileged ruling jewish class.  The self chosen rulers can be swept off the bench.  Solomon, Ment, Wetstone, Bozzuto, Adelman, Epstein, Pinkus, Gould, Gold, Murphy, Ficeto, Schofield, Carbonneau, Danaher are all running scared.  Once the tar and feathering of Judge Emons is complete, the hits will continue.  Mark today as the beginning of the end for the jew pedo racket of Connecticut Family Court.

All for you Baby Aaden.  Poor brown christian kid with no money gets no justice.  Payback is in process.

Baby Aaden . victim of family court

Judge Jane B. Emons, jewdicial monster, child predator.  Public enemy #1, to be debenched, her pals to follow.

Pedo judge exposed on billboard in Connecticut.  Debenching in progress.

A new day in Superior Court without Judge Emons!!! Children rejoice.