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Jew Schofield

Time to take a quick look at the jewish orders of Judge Marielouise Schofield that promote child abuse and parental conflict of the talmudic agenda of family court. Schofield isolates twins Skye and Scarlett from their mother, placing childhoods in the complete control of nutjob daddy Dana Harris. Daddy Dana is in control of mother’s phone access to the fruits of her womb, holding court powers to hang up on mom at anytime.

The now-famous blog holds affinity to the publicly demonstrated parenting skills of black males, especially that black way of expressing love of women by beating them senseless. The Harris family is experiencing that special black man love for mother and children. Dana Harris flexes his new found court powers to hang up the phone on mom by instructing his baby momma that she is restricted by his black manliness from expressing her love to her daughters, expressing her desire to hug them, be together, or even exist like normal white folk. Dana Harris has issued instructions to momma that she will not talk about missing her daughters or that she wants to hug them, lest his black manliness exerts itself by hanging up the phone, further isolating two little girls from mom. He will even record the mother-daughter calls, so he has evidence to show cracker Schofield that mom still loves her daughters.

The blog shudders to think what the black manliness threatened the kids, if they tell mom they miss her or want her to make Halloween costumes for them. Pedos know all the tricks to conditioning kids, can even train them hate their own mother. Brainwashing is a pedo speciality.

Think society has had enough of this jew shit? Jew shit piled on top of abusive nigger dad shit, just to fuck up two gifts from God? Does nigger boy Dana Harris think he is being a good dad by not letting his girls hug their mom? He is just being another dumb pedo nigger, letting the world know that he feeds his nigger ego in berating his baby momma to make his dumb nigger ass feel manly. He don’t care about his daughters or the mother of his children, he just gonna stomp on his own family to make his pathetic dumb nigger ass feel imPOtent.

There is great psychiatric interest in the nigger mind which finds pleasure in isolating children from their mother, controlling what mother says to her daughters. Is this negro psycho so retarded that he must harm the woman he married, the woman who brought forth his children, just to promote his own twisted sense of self? What defective evolutionary mis-step of the species created a monster like Dana Harris? Is this negro ape incapable of caring for his daughters, dressing up, meeting mom for lunch, sharing hugs? Can he not do that? He feels some great black purpose to cut mother out of the lives of his own children? What type of negro monster is this Dana Harris?

The blog is left to conclude that Black Lives Don’t Matter, especially lives of black children, and that a nigger like Dana Harris is beholden to the white supremacy wielded by the jew on the bench, rather than being a man, taking care of his family. Dumb nigger follows white supremacist directives to fuck up his family … what a dad!

Dana Harris, nigger manliness isolates daughters from mother cuz he obey white supremacist in black robe rather than care for his own children.