Candace Fay

Attorney Candace Fay of Danbury achieves instant blog star status for her leading role in the new video by Wayne Dolcefino. Candace practices jewish law right out of the Talmud. A chosen parasite fleecing veterans for shekels along with raping childhoods and bleeding family savings. Another fine example of the pettiness of a UCONN Law degree. Sole practitioner because no real law firm wants her smelly cunt. Only clients are appointed by the court, as no respectable human will retain such a sleeze ball. Candace is a jew’s jew. Profiting off the misfortune of others. Her mother must be proud!

Interesting to note that the unbridled jewdicial discretion of Judge Anthony Truglia allows him to make a medical diagnosis based on the recommendations of a dumb blonde with a law degree. Typical jewdicial misconduct to gloss over the trafficking of children for a few shekels. Glad to know that Truglia knows more than medical doctors and psychiatrists, but then jews are chosen above all the goy and the law.

Is Candace in line for a .50 cal to the head or is there a Red SUV in her future?

Jewdicial family rape in Connecticut