Unequal Kids

The people of Connecticut need to examine the unequal nature of their government when it comes to kids. Public policy advocates for strong families, safe homes, good parents, and well cared for children. The utopian desire for Pleasantville is codified in nutmeg statutes at CGS 17a-101(a). The state has a massive agency called DCF, with a huge budget, large fleet of cars, copious federal funds, child welfare experts, counselors, social workers, trained managers, lawyers, everything under the sun to protect families, to assist in time of need, and to protect children. A benevolent function of government in an enlightened society. Then there is the jewish game of family court that is exactly the opposite. Time to examine unequal kids, the ones supported by state programs and those victimized by family court jews.

Take a not-so poor black family with two kids living in run down ‘hood of Wolcott. Dad struggles financially, living beyond his means of a $75k salary with benefits, rents a shack of a house where the family deals with the daily stress of interpersonal dysfunctionality, typical of American families, more bills than income, heavy car payments, a little snort here and there for comfort, the occasional night out with the boys, a side ho’ on occasion, no religious convictions, no parish membership, frequent screaming and shouting with baby momma, a smack here a bitch slap there, pretty normal family fare in ‘murika.

When da family shit gets out of control, there is knock at the door by the local police on complaint of neighbors, which leads to the involvement of DCF under the expert leadership of Commissioner Vannessa Dorante. A social worker arrives on the scene to ‘assess’ the situation. A case is opened. Interviews conducted, intake screening, reports drafted, meetings held, evaluations, assessments, analysis, opinions, plans, interventions, therapy, services, goal setting, metrics are all heaped upon the family over a period of six months in the name of caring for the children. How wonderful, how benevolent, and all for free, does not cost the parents a penny, as the state is helping the FAMILY!!

Take the same family situation, but where divorce papers are served, now the kids become victims of jewish discretion wielded from a child predator in a black robe in family court. The family bank becomes lawyer feed for attorney vultures whose legal expertise in ‘no-fault’ divorce costs over $300/hr. Instead of professional social workers and public policy, the kids fall prey to bottom feeding lawyers on a quest for protracted litigation. The court acts in the best interests of the children by making mom and dad pay for a Guardian Ad Litem from the the kids’ college funds. The jewish court forces the distressed family to pay for a white supremacist with a law degree to represent the abstract best interest to a white supremacist judge for the little black kids. Note that there are no nigger GALs in the system, just crackers. Instead of state funded intervention services to strengthen familial bonds, the family gets torn apart by ‘custody evaluations’, destruction of parent-child bonds, financial ruin, isolation. Only white folk can perform this mystery evaluation for the court. Instead of professional services created under state and federal programs focused on family and children, constructed with child psychologists and psychiatrists, the court attacks the family using the untrained, uneducated, un-supervised, in-house judicial excuse of ‘family services’ directed by miscreant Deb Fuller and her ad hoc clique of clowns designed to inflame conflict to the financial reward of the Bar Association and doting judges, all insulated in the judicial branch, well beyond the regulatory authority and oversight of the Department of Public Health.

The difference in what happens to the kids in the two scenarios is frightening. Same government, two opposing ideologies. The difference is unconstitutional, kids of divorcing parents become victims of jewdicial discretion, where kids under DCF involvement are protected by benevolent public policy, defined by statute. Such un-equal protection is an alien concept in America; a constitutional deprivation of rights, a federal crime. As black female Commissioner Dorante runs DCF and black male Chief Justice Robinson runs the court, this stark contrast can be labelled ‘Tale of Two Niggers’. One nigger works to protect children and families on behalf of the state, the other nigger seeks to destroy children and families for the benefit of a jewish ideology and lawyer feed. The jewish form of family court is singularly designed to destroy the Christian concept of family, tear parent-child bonds, where DCF is the legacy protectorate from the Christian roots of society.

It is hard to believe that two arms of the same government could act so differently towards kids in the same dysfunctional family situation. But then the jews who run family court are really not part of the government of the people, for the people, and by the people. In the DCF scenario, the kids will still be able to hug mom, in the family court scenario, the kids will be isolated from the mother, just what the Talmud specifies for the goy.

The State must take legal action against a parent to attack the parent-child bond, a formal petition on behalf of a sovereign people prosecuted by the Attorney General, under rule of law and protections of due process. A jewish judge in family court will completely sever a parent-child bond on a whim. The family court derives its power from the Talmud, subverting the rule of law and the Constitution. See the jew game?

Judge Marylouise Schofield, isolating children from mother, a concept only a jew could order. Schofield rules from the Talmud to support a jewish agenda of familial destruction for the goy.