Time to examine the jewish application of law in the pedo utopia of Connecticut, where children are raped and Annie Lamont applauds her husband’s participation. Jewish law is evident in Adelman’s rabbinical court victimizing three gifts from God: Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer Ambrose. Adelman has shredded the First Amendment on fabricated claim of children’s privacy; a jew’s game. A sovereign people hold duty to regulate… Read More »Expression


The blog has been gagged! Well, not really. But the jewish pedophile excuse of a judge, the Dark Lord himself, the wasting, soon to be dead, Judge Gerard I. Adelman, has proudly embarrassed the sovereign people of Connecticut by attempting an end run around the First Amendment to gag d’blog while he continues the rape of Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer. Oi vey, put a black… Read More »GAG!

Adelman Unglued!

The Dark Lord has come unglued! Judge Gerard Adelman appeared more than distraught in yesterday’s Ambrose hearing. It appears that he is in trouble with the state pedo ring for failing to deliver on Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer, while drawing too much public attention to the jewish efforts of draining the family bank. Adelman ranted about the publicity and berated mom’s lawyer in a non-sensical… Read More »Adelman Unglued!

True Threat?

The donut sheriffs of Lake County, Illinois did not get the memo on a .50 cal to the head from the federal courts. Big fat uneducated Deputy makes claim that a ranting victim of family court is making a ‘true threat’ to two judges who are not on the call. Here we go again!!! Nigger boy Sheriff John Idleburg and white judicial cocksucker prosecutor Eric… Read More »True Threat?

Chris Ambrose: Part 8

The blog editors applaud the FrankReport on its continuing series exposing homosexual, pedophile Chris Ambrose and the doting jewish pedo players of the Connecticut Family Court who are victimizing Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer, while sucking the family bank dry. Read directly at FrankReport, see the latest art-work depicting the jews of family court and their evil terror played out on innocent children. Satan is alive… Read More »Chris Ambrose: Part 8

Smith’s Immunity Denial

In the jewdicial cesspool of Connecticut family court, the constant overreach of jewish games gets sickening. The vultures of the court feel empowered to take up the cloak of IMMUNITY while raping children and family bank. Blog star and pedophile Dr. Linda Smith, PhD got spanked by an Irish-Catholic judge for claiming IMMUNITY to rape Odin Sakon in a family matter. No immunity for a… Read More »Smith’s Immunity Denial

Spot The Pedos!

The now-famous-blog takes time to highlight the pedo players in the Harris case out of Waterbury JD. Just another pedo play where two seven year old twin girls, Scarlett and Skye, are daddy Dana Harris’ deviant play toys. Same old pedo play, daddy abuses daughters, mom cries foul, pedo court maligns mother, sole custody to pedo dad, no visitation for mom, no hugs for kids,… Read More »Spot The Pedos!

Chris Ambrose: Part 7

No shortage of cringe-able drama from Christopher Ambrose of Madison, Connecticut. Part 7 of the series by the FrankReport is published, it is frightening! Big fat pedo daddy continues to keep Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer prisoner at 381 Horse Pond Road, under gestapo protection of the thin blue pedophile police commanded by chief child rapist Jack Dunn and doting piggalo First Selectwoman Peggy Lyons. Pedophilia… Read More »Chris Ambrose: Part 7

Call To Arms!

The sovereign people of Connecticut are called to arms by tyranny of their own government. Mothers seeking redress of grievances for the protection of their children are to be barred from the court by claim of ReneĆ© Deichert’s deviant husband Robert. Pedo daddy Robert filed the State’s claim that mothers should not be able to use the court to plead for relief against unscrupulous state… Read More »Call To Arms!

Issue Focused Evaluation

Time for tossing some jewdicial word salad from the bowels of the Connecticut Judiciary. The big dumb nigger in the black robe, CJ Richard Robinson funds a secretive society of child predators to provide ‘family services’ under the guise of justice. The third branch of government, holding no standards of family or cause to service a family, pretends that its ‘counselors’ have some magic sauce… Read More »Issue Focused Evaluation