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Berserk Ball

    The now-famous Blog of the free speech kind spotlights the hot mess, constitutionally confused, court appointed attorney Kelly Ball of Buffalo, New York, who has lit her hair on fire, hyperventilating, having panic attacks that the public is watching her silliness ranting about existence of now-famous Blog, screaming about the word ‘nigger‘, now demanding an ’emergency’ hearing before Judge Thomas DiMillo to protest the First Amendment, all while being paid with state funds, under the management of the senile Linda Kostin, Esq. of Fourth Department’s attorney for children welfare program, which pays $75/hr to fund meritless, frivolous, vexatious arguments by ignorant lawyers, against public right to scrutiny of matters involving… Read More »Berserk Ball

    Cruel Ruel

      The now-famous Blog of the all seeing ‘worst‘ kind spotlights sloppy trickery skills of Jim Ruel, a sleezy two-bit family court charlatan whose legal work leaves his clients hanging out years after he cashed his paycheck for ill gotten legal fees, and he thought no one would ever figure it out, now his former client Erik L. Kuselias, the CBS sportscaster stepped in it before Judge Christopher Griffin at New Haven. Blog sees all. Judge Griffin, a newbie judge, no brains, no training, no expertise in post-judgment trickery of clowns like Jim Ruel, Lynda Munro, Richard Callahan who conspire to scam a mom out of alimony and child support, to… Read More »Cruel Ruel

      Couloute Restrained

        Blog star Matthew Couloute has been restrained by Judge Brinkworth of Erie County Family Court in protection of his abused daughter and battered ex-wife. The long arm of New York reached to Cumming, Georgia slapping a no-contact restraining order on the now-famous Blog star. Oi vey, the dumb nigger just can’t get enough Blog coverage, he has to flap his big nigger lips, threaten his daughter’s mother with elimination by hit squad, never see it coming, while he would be nowhere in sight, next his vodka soaked brain terrorizes his daughter, by threatening to drag mom back into court, whip his legal blackness on the white judge, and take the… Read More »Couloute Restrained

        Escort Services

          Need police muscle to hunt down estranged children, intimidate the ex-spouse, just call Chief Jack Drumm of Madison, Connecticut Police Department where a cruiser with lights will escort a private citizen around town, hunting his abused children, demanding they return to his loving care. Blog can’t make this shit up! The public witnessed Chris Ambrose waiting in ambush of his daughter Mia outside Robert’s grocery store, a stealthy trap, armed with loving hugs and police muscle, complete with a nine millimeter, extra clips, and handcuffs. A bloglicious drama played out with full paedo protection, witnessed by an overly trusting public, who unwittingly fund Jack Drumm’s perverted concept of police protection,… Read More »Escort Services

          Mad Man Anthony Wallace

            The now-famous Blog of the worst kind observes that blog star Madman Christopher Ambrose has a lawyer who is also a madman. Man is this getting weird! Meet Anthony Wallace, a pathetic excuse of a human slithering the streets of New Haven, fleecing shekels from the unsuspecting, under guise of legal representation. A full service lawyer who literally fucked his client in a divorce case. Wallace’s practice is so bad that he had to take on Christopher Ambrose in a juvey matter where Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer brought abuse petition against dad for his Blog-famous antics over the last four years in family court. Wallace’s instant demonstration of legal incompetence… Read More »Mad Man Anthony Wallace

            Immediate and Present

              The now-famous Blog cheers the jewdicial word-salad promoting deceit by the mentally infirm Judge Eddie Rodriguez of the armpit of Bridgeport Family Court, undermining public confidence in the jewdiciary, exposing the child trafficking game abhorred by society. The tragedy of Christopher Ambrose continues, in tireless effort to abuse three gifts from God, tormenting childhood under guise of jew Judge Adelman’s ‘best interest’ orders cutting mom out of their lives. Ambrose files ‘ex parte‘ motion in family court demanding runaway children be seized by police, cuffed, chained, dragged kicking and screaming back to his loving care. The fallacy of family court is when the kids don’t play along with jewdicial discretion,… Read More »Immediate and Present

              Michael Reich

                The now-famous Blog spotlights jewdicial abuse of Michael Reich of Avon, Connecticut, a target of the state paedo ring, toy of the evil family court, now denied summer vacation on the Cape by retarded jewdicial miscreant Judge Thomas Moukawsher, who fucks over childhood to generate shekels for his demonic footsoldiers, preying on family bank for legal fees. The jewish ideology of childhood rape and familial destruction plays large on the Reich family, a sexually deviant father, an abused mother and a psychologically destroyed son. Oi vey, another state sponsored rape of childhood, a story that will not end well. This tragedy of jewdicial discretion has been going on for eleven… Read More »Michael Reich

                Ambrose Trifecta

                  The now-famous Blog congratulates mad man Christopher Ambrose of Madison, Connecticut for abusing Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer to the point they all ran away, filed abuse petitions against him in juvenile court, and sought safe haven with mother, a trifecta! The third and youngest child, Sawyer ran away from Ambrose in celebration of Independence Day, abused, neglected, emotionally spent, the little kid had enough, now reunited with his older siblings, all protected from abuse by a loving mother. A happy ending for four years of emotional torture by jewdicial discretion of Judges Jane Grossman and Gerard Adelman. But now Chief of Madison Police Jack Drumm dispatches his donut whores to… Read More »Ambrose Trifecta

                  No Sympathy

                    Judge Robin Wilson of Connecticut’s Superior Court states she has NO SYMPATHY for Blog star Christopher Ambrose in his meritless, frivolous, vexatious defamation action against Auntie Easter Baskets, in today’s court hearing of toddler ranting by Ambrose, abusing the legal system in manifestation of his mental defect that he is a victim of public scrutiny for public behavior in abuse of Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer, three gifts of God, denied jelly beans and chocolate bunnies in celebration of the Resurrection. Concerned citizens, exercising First Amendment rights of scrutiny of matters in the public forum of family court, horrified by jewdicial abuse of children, discussing governmental malfeasance, the essence of self-governance,… Read More »No Sympathy

                    Jewish Forensic Fraud

                      Dr. Marc Abrams, snake-oil salesman, jewdicial pet of the NY family court system claims he performs FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY for the court, predicting the unpredictable, for shekels, applying joo voo doo, to provide baseless, biased, independent opinions of parents he does not know, and children he does not understand. Abrams has no purpose in life other than to talk to fools who wish to listen, he cannot prescribe any medicine, just spoken word, his opinions are not based in science, he is licensed by the state, from whose authority comes truth, he has no means to measure, test, conclude, there is no process for him to present a ‘diagnosis’ in family… Read More »Jewish Forensic Fraud