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Ed Mahony

The jewish rag known as the Hartford Courant plays the ‘conspiracy’ card from the bottom of the word-salad deck to malign any goy who correctly observes jews of family court are up to no good. Remarking that jews are over-represented in the cesspool of family court brings out the wrath of Ed Mahony in labeling the observant as ‘conspiracy theorists’! The stench of kike poop… Read More »Ed Mahony

Jew Court

The now-famous, WORST blog takes aim at the vagueness of Connecticut family court orders to expose the jewdical powers wielded by misplaced zealots sitting atop benches rooted in the Constitution. Another plain example that the family court is a jewish invention created to destroy the Christian concept of family, injecting jewish venom deep into the fabric of society for no humane purpose, just glee of… Read More »Jew Court

Adel Liar!

A simple way to discredit the jew hucksters is to use the word salad against them. Here is the disinformation Gerard Adelman provided to ‘we the people’ in 2009, before becoming one of the most inhumane judges of the family bench, his remarks at his appointment hearing. Good afternoon Chairman McDonald, Chairman Lawlor and members of the Judiciary Committee. My name is Gerard I. Adelman.… Read More »Adel Liar!

Well Said!

Blog defers to opinion of Mr. Gray: Jeryl Gray P.O. Box 695, Stratford CT 06615 [email protected]  February 9, 2021 Testimony of Opposition to Labor And Public Employees Committee H.B. 6382 Raised Bill: AN ACT STRENGHTENING THE PROBATE COURT SYSTEM Honorable Chairs, Vice-Chairs, Ranking and Committee Members; I am respectfully herein submitting my opposition to the passage of H.B. 6382. I do so in my opposition to both… Read More »Well Said!

Torment Day

The jewdicial mafia of Connecticut Family Court relishes in another day of torment passed in abuse of mothers and children. Top jewdicial miscreants Adelman, Grossman, Wetstone, Munro, Drainginis, Solomon, spent the weekend gloating that their chosen application of talmudic law has destroyed mothers across the years, the simple act of upholding recommendations of an immune jewish GAL that mothers not hug kids because daddy has… Read More »Torment Day


Democracy dies in darkness! Judge John Blawie, the magnificent bald terrorist shredding the Constitution from the foul bench of Connecticut Superior Court is leading the charge to turn out the lights. Blawie the Buffoon voids the First Amendment to protect another paedophile of the state ring of sexual deviancy, a jewish delicacy. The court’s servitude to child predators is painfully pronounced when prosecutor Daniel Cummings… Read More »Sealed!


Judge Antoni Truglia, the monster in black, mother hater, child predator, total asshole, claims it is a flagrant waste of precious jewdicial resources to grant fee waivers to mothers with no money to appeal draconian orders of the family court to the appellate court! Precious money, so loved by a jew like Truglia will not be squandered upon goy moms who are forbidden from hugging… Read More »Flagrant!

Abort Katz!!

The now-famous worst Blog promotes abortion to an enlightened society, advocating freedom of choice up to and including when the fetus becomes a partner at ShipmanGoodwin. Never has there been such a compelling need to extinguish human life, but when Jewette Katz preaches talmudic edicts on behalf of a jewish law firm. As vacuum extractors cannot deal with her fat ass, the late term abortion… Read More »Abort Katz!!

Summary Bullshit

The drama of Matthew C. Couloute and his paedo pals of Connecticut continues with the incompetent legal tricks of Kristan Maccini, the fat bottomed lawyer defending puppy cop, jew boy Brendan Danaher of the Bloomfield Blue Thug Club; guns, badges, attitudes, no brains but deviant love of children. Brendan Danaher is son of evil Judge John Danaher III, who destroyed every mother who appeared before… Read More »Summary Bullshit


The now-famous worst Blog, scrutinizes the Ambrose decree rendered by due process of Connecticut family court. Three years of litigation, hundreds of thousand$ in legal fees, hundreds of pleadings, hours of hearings, destroyed childhoods, emotional harm, produced forty pages of double-spaced drivel by his highness, the soulless Dark Lord, Gerard Adelman, granting the simple, administrative, pointless, no-fault divorce for Mad Man Christopher Ambrose. A pound… Read More »Adelshit