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Malicious Prosecution

    The now-famous Blog legal department reviews Second Circuit ruling on malicious prosecution, predicting that rookie puppy cop Brendan Danaher of Bloomfield Predatory Police will go down before a jury on the arrest of Matthew Couloute’s baby momma. Place your bets, millions on the table as Brendan is the tip of the iceberg, the small cog in the wheel of Connecticut criminal justice machinery that Couloute and his paedo pal Ryan McGuigan put into illegal motion to steal a child for deviant usage. Spotlight obnoxious Attorney Kristen Maccini who has been lying to the world for four years that her puppy cop client did nothing wrong by penning an affidavit of… Read More »Malicious Prosecution

    Ambrose Fails

      The now-famous Blog shares another FrankReport piece on the drama of Christopher Ambrose of Madision, Connecticut. A mad man and Blog star, now flailing in federal court, District Connecticut, where his frivolous, meritless, vexatious defamation suit against Frank Parlato is before USDJ Micheal J. Shea. Delusional Ambrose, applying his demented perception to alter reality, relying on his profound lack of legal skills, he misapplies Nutmeg judicial machinery, imagining he could reach a resident of Florida with a long arm statute that does not apply to defamation, thinking his state judiciary loves him for being the victim of a free press. Instead, Ambrose ended up in federal court, where his baseless… Read More »Ambrose Fails

      Josh Nemore

        The now-famous Blog highlights another Michael Volpe interview focusing on Connecticut family court and the jew judges who abuse mothers, rape childhood, enrich lawyers, and generally behave as demonic monsters, set on destruction of society’s children. Tonight’s interview is with a motherly victim of jew Judge Anthony Truglia and his ‘spic paedo sidekick Eddie Rodriguez.  The Nemore family has suffered from the unmanly ways of Joshua Nemore since 2012, child abuse, psychological harm, damaged kids, raped childhoods, terrified children, where he intentionally violates court orders, isolating three of God’s gifts from their mother … a pillar of masculinity and fatherhood, protected by jew Attorney Steven Levy of Fairfield, where daddy… Read More »Josh Nemore

        Failing Bridges

          Congrats to the California Appellate Court for smacking jews of the Family Bridges talmudic mind control machine running the childhood raping, reunification concentration camp. The court ruled that the there is no evidence presented that Family Bridges is good for kids, perhaps the 90 day forced isolation of children from mother gave it away? The now-famous Blog highlights the jewish game of jew judges ordering goy kids to jew concentration camp for mind altering conditioning, which the rabbinical family court deems to be in best interests of little paedo toys, groomed in isolation to service jewish delicacy of child rape. Oi vey! Only the jews come up with THERAPY that… Read More »Failing Bridges

          Mouk’s Authority

            Judge Thomas Moukawsher, retard in black, on Connecticut’s inferior court, amuses ‘we the people’ with hollow claim of STATUTORY AUTHORITY to act in tyranny, assuming singular despotic role of accuser, judge, jury, and executioner in spewing forth jewdicial wrath of disbarring a zealous advocate for calling out the jews of family court. Whimsical destruction of mother-child bonds, absent state petition, absent strict scrutiny is criminal denial of fundamental liberty rights, a form of societal destruction relished by the jew. Mouk claims he has statutory authority to act in tyranny, but fails to cite the statute.  Now-famous Blog notes that the sovereign nutmegs never granted power to a judge to summarily… Read More »Mouk’s Authority

            Charles Zeiger

              The Canadien jews are salivating over a fabricated criminal conviction of free speech in the weird, communist, former British colony, occupying lands north of the land of the free and home of the brave, east of Alaska too. These hosers of the north, having no spine, slaves to the chosen, criminalize hatred of jews, because jews instruct them. Poor, dumb, identity confused, funny speaking, uneducated hockey fans have to be told how to think, what to think, or go to jail. Hating jews in Canada is criminal conduct, a strange penal code as no one ever loved them, never have, never will. Now-famous Blog spotlights niggah judge, Manlio Del Negro… Read More »Charles Zeiger

              Stamford Thug

                The now-famous Blog calls out constitutional thuggery of the thin blue donut whores of Stamford, Connecticut. Thug Sergeant Richard Gasparino, moron with gun, badge, attitude, and no brains can’t count to First Amendment. Gasparino arrested constitutionally protected fellow citizen Mike Friend for standing on a public sidewalk holding a sign. The goon with the gun has quotas for tickets, a professional duty of sworn law enforcement officers, Stamford Police work on the greed incentive program, directed by Chief Timothy Shaw, a paedophile in uniform, labeled ‘Champion of Youth’ for his fondness of little boys. The asshole with a gun arrests fellow citizen for exercising constitutionally protected right to free speech,… Read More »Stamford Thug

                Mental Mouk

                  The deep rooted psychosis of Judge Thomas Moukawsher manifests in his self-promoting opinion piece in ABA Journal, a rag of jewish ideology espousing that only lawyers can understand law, that goy are stupid, and $400/hr is reasonable fee. Now-famous Blog can’t make this shit up, the mind of Mouk is a frightful mash of misfiring synapses drowning in liquid confusion. Mouk’s pathetic existence, lack of self-worth, all drive need for fabricated respect from litigants, he likes to hear himself called ‘Your Honor’, but in reality ‘Your Idiocy’ fits. Shithead, moron, dufus work as well. Mouk is so fucked in the head he thinks a lowly judge of the lowly superior… Read More »Mental Mouk

                  Gay Paint

                    Sexually deviant attention whores of Fort Lauderdale advance jewish hate speech agenda, claiming burned tire rubber on street pavement is new exception to First Amendment. Oi vey, jews are everywhere! The alphabet soup community of mental disorders, adopting letters brought to you by Sesame Street … LGBTQI+ whatever d’fuck that is supposed to mean, uses jewish parasitic tactics to claim oppression and victimhood for cause of self-induced sexual perversion, requiring paint to be applied to Sebastian Street for no societal need. Why not paint the streets with images of aborted fetuses to promote the jew assault on life? Why not paint the streets with images of black people, advertising lives… Read More »Gay Paint

                    Ambrose Denied

                      The now-famous Blog notes that Christopher Ambrose has an unhealthy obsession with hearing himself whine in court about living in a free society, with an internet, with public right of scrutiny of Christopher’s antics in a public forum. This time it was four days of nauseating screeching of the Mad Man without a lawyer, entertained by retarded ‘spic Judge Eddie Rodriguez, in the judicial armpit of Bridgeport for a motion to void the First Amendment, where family court betrays its abusive ways, dragging mom to the courthouse on four different days to hear paedo dad’s complaints against reality, pleading for relief the court could not provide. In the end, Judge… Read More »Ambrose Denied