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Tammy d’Turkey

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Blog star Judge Tammy Nguyen of Connecticut makes federal splash for attempted assassination of father of little Odin. The jewdicial miscreant denied ADA accommodation, previously granted by court order, then she dismissed all pleadings with prejudice, in malicious retaliation, violating federal civil rights law, ADA Title II. Tammy! attempted to induce a heart attack on the old fart with pulmonary problems, forcing him to stand all day arguing against taking his son away. When the jewdicial branch failed its federal compliance duty, refusing to remedy Tammy’s discriminatory conduct, Odin’s daddy filed for relief in federal court, where Judge Alvin W. Thompson now commands AG Willie Tong to appear… Read More »Tammy d’Turkey

    Forensic Fraud

      Did Judge Stuart Rosen of Hartford civil court just expose the scam of family court, calling out Dr. Linda Smith, PhD for fraud, on false claim of ‘forensic psychologist’ who can analyze custody disputes to decide what is best for a child? Blog famous jewish nut-job Dr. Linda Smith, a so called forensic psychologist, jewish pet of evil family court judges, is being sued by a father, for breach of contract for ‘professional services’, in the six year long custody dispute over little Odin Sakon.  Smith’s lawyer, the incompetent Cara Joyce of MorrisonMahoney got bitch slapped for arguing to dismiss the suit, wherein her argument exposes Smith is engaged in… Read More »Forensic Fraud

      Alma Rose Nunley

        The now-famous Blog of the WORST kind spotlights the incompetent, incapable, moron attorney in the employ of Connecticut, Alma Rose Nunley, a state paycheck sponge with a law license, in the office of chink, commie, jew puppet, William Tong, the Attorney General of Corrupticut.  Rose The Hose Nunley steps upon a federal stage to defend blog star Judge Tammy Nguyen on attempted murder charges and retaliation under ADA Title II.  Tammy’s victim, father of little Odin, brings suit against the state for Tammy’s denial of accommodations and retaliation against a qualified individual, in defiance of court order issued by Judge Leo Diana.  See Tammy! for the original post on jewdicial… Read More »Alma Rose Nunley

        Lisa Backus

          Blog editorial staff spotlights Lisa Backus, a so called journalist, promoting chosen ideology of Connecticut’s ruling elite thru yellow journalism, worthy of an Oscar. Lisa’s coverage of Judge Moukawsher’s unconstitutional act in disbarring a zealous advocate is propaganda at best, treason at worst, conspiring with the jewdiciary to uphold the totalitarian rule of monsters in black, to the detriment of founding principles, undermining rule of law, defeating sovereignty of ‘we the people’.  Lisa is a commissar of the state, driven to fool her readers to believe in the absolute rule of authority. Lisa is a shill. Lisa’s pathetic prose in a recent article on the tyranny of Judge Moukawsher fails… Read More »Lisa Backus

          A Lot Of Jews!

            Chappelle has been to Hollywood, there are a lot of jews!!!  But that is just an observation, meaning nothing, like just a coincidence. A bunch of black folks is a gang, a flock of Italians is the mafia, Indians on horseback is a warpath, gathering of Mexicans is a taco feast, collection of Irish is a pub, a seated English crowd is high tea, a bunch of big black birds is a murder, but a whole bunch of jews running Hollywood is just a coincidence which cannot be spoken of … lest the bald asshole of ADL, the chosen master censor of goy speak, Jonathan Greenblatt takes to twitter to… Read More »A Lot Of Jews!

            Jewdicial Tyranny

              Jewdicial authorities wreak havoc on goy society, releasing murderers on bond to murder again, just what the jew wants to terrorize goy, the parasitic hallmark of the chosen to destroy the host society. Why have a criminal justice system if the jew can defeat its purpose? Jews love gang bangers who murder goy!! Jews have Texas courts wired, jew sponsored judges defy rule of law, applying jewdicial discretion to release murderers on bond, to kill again, jew lawyers and judges conspire to inflict terror upon a peaceful people, while begging their own demise. As court is the alternative to violence, denial of criminal justice incites a free people to provide… Read More »Jewdicial Tyranny


                The now-famous Blog takes a big yawn at drama SANDYHOAX, a scripted event to defeat Second Amendment, run by jews, all authorized under a clause in the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act .. federal propaganda is good!  Poor Barbara Bellis, presiding over a jew charade in the armpit of Waterbury, piles on another chunk of change to Alex Jones’ First Amendment rights on legal cause of his ‘blameworthiness’. Oi vey! Jewish abuse of feeble state courts makes an example of Alex; hoax deniers must pay shekels!!!  This week’s jewdicial invoice is $473M, bringing the hoax tally to $1.44B, just from Connecticut. Jew puppet, Yale grad, Judge Maya Guerra Gamble, in… Read More »Blameworthiness

                ADL Hate Speech!

                  The jews are at it again!  Never is now! Whatever the fuck that means! The jew ideology is that anyone who hates jewshit is a bad person … got it? Blog star Jewette Katz is hosting a panel to malign goy who don’t appreciate jewism. Join us for Never Is Now 2022, the World’s Largest Summit on Antisemitism and Hate hosted by ABC’s “Nightline” Co-Anchor, Juju Chang and moderator, journalist and author Abigail Pogrebin. Session starts at time 28.20 Site warning: It will make you vomit! Closing remarks cause vomiting as well.  Speeches start at 10.20     Holohoax Deniers are anti-semitic!! Supporting Palestinians is anti-semitic!!! Anti-zionism is anti-semitism!!!!… Read More »ADL Hate Speech!

                  DDN Missouri Court Update

                    Daily Docket News is dedicated to shine light on the grave injustices taking place in the family court in multiple states including the State of Missouri. Our news coverage extends to the most devastated regions of our country with boots on the ground seeking out the truth. Each edition we run is focused on a different state where corruption runs deep. It has been a national scandal for decades in which family courts in this country systematically failed to protect our children from physical, emotional, and sexual abuse by predatory parents. What is equally scandalous is the silence on the coverage of this unimaginable atrocity. It is a dreadful reality… Read More »DDN Missouri Court Update


                      The self-chosen elite of Connecticut’s high court fabricate a new exception to free speech! Like a thief in the night, stepping silently, eroding liberty in petty thefts, the jews advance destruction of goy right to speak. Buried in Nutmeg attack on Alex Jones is the new class of unprotected speech, a jew twist to First Amendment, where speech that pisses off a judge cannot be tolerated! The now-famous Blog provides standard disclaimer of not making this shit up! Blog star nigger chief justice Richard Robinson authors another First Amendment attack in Lafferty v Jones which creates a new class of unprotected speech:  “speech that interferes with the administration of justice… Read More »Exception!