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Dr. Jessica Biren Caverly, Ph.D

Meet another jew with an attitude, a hatred of Christian motherhood, a demented desire to harm children and a love for money; Dr. Jessica Biren Caverly, a self appointed expert on goy children, adored by jew judges and lawyers of the Connecticut family court for her ability to espouse kike opinions to undermine the concept of family in a Christian society.

Jessica is the star expert in the jewish court of Judge Jane Grossman in the Ambrose case with regard to Mia, Matthew and Sawyer, three special needs kids for whom Jessica has recommended isolation from their mother as a form of ‘therapy’, which holds no credibility in any professional journal of psychology or psychiatry. Just Jessica’s perverted way of harming children to the delight of her black soul. Time to examine the details of a jewish opinion ordered by a jewish judge in a Connecticut court.

The theme of Jessica’s evaluation is that dad is perfect, mom is evil, the kids hate dad, but it is all mom’s fault, all the family existing counselors and providers are idiots who must be replaced by jewish providers of therapy, that the children will benefit from being isolated from the mother, so the father can remedy the mother induced hatred with help from jewish therapists paid by the father. In technical terms the jews prescribes a momectomy for the kids. After ten months of this isolation therapy, the father-child relationships are worse, the kids are traumatized, the police are investigating sexual abuse by the father, child protective service has seized the kids twice and placed them in foster care, dad hits the kids with a fist and drags them around by the hair, but the jews maintain that this is all good for the kids, guided by the therapeutic efforts of jew Robert Horrorwitz. The judge is a jew, the GAL is a jew, the evaluator is a jew, the new therapist is a jew … it is all jewish in the public forum of Connecticut Family Court overseen by the King Jew himself, Judge Elliot Solomon.

The famous blog provides the public with a copy of the ‘work product‘ labelled a ‘custody evaluation’ by the court. A document so strange, so full of lies that GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz asked the court to ‘seal’ it so only she would not know its jewish contents. However, the public has cause to scrutinize the jewish games in a public forum making the ‘sealed’ report available for public inspection here. It is a perfect example of what the jews do not want the goy to see.

The jew has cause to destroy the Christian concept of family, as it annoys the chosen ones who need a baptism. Isolating the four-legged calves of the goy from their mother supports the agenda, while violating state statutes that serve to protect parent-child bonds, striving for strong families, being a policy of the secular state. Jessica is a zionist foot soldier. There is also the distinct paedo smell of the involvement of Linda Smith in the opinion of the report. Smith is a well known child trafficker who appears to be mentoring Jessica, the new jew on the block. Needless to say the deceitful Attorney Richard Callahan of Hamden was involved in setting up the child snatching based on his ‘professional’ recommendation for the use of Linda Smith in the first place. The jew game is so obvious and so tiresome, it begs for bullets.

The court does incite imminent lawless action by loving and caring parents in protection of the children of the state. Predators among us should be scared, karma takes many forms.

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