Judge Thomas Moukawsher put on a grand display of judicial incompetence today by not recognizing that isolating three kids from mom for no state interest is jewdicial bias by his brother in black, Judge Gerard Adelman, who sua sponte begs to be thrown off the Ambrose case. The now-famous Blog explains the obvious.

Judge Adelman demonstrates bias against mother by ordering GAL and fellow jew pet Jocelyn Hurwitz to attend every hour of trial, billing $400/hr for no legal purpose. Adelman claims the GAL must observe the entire trial, even the part about this Blog, to determine if her recommendations will change, a concept alien to appointed duties. Adelman harms mother and children by draining family resources, which requires disqualification for violation of Canon.

A judge shall disqualify himself or herself in

any proceeding in which the judge’s impartiality

might reasonably be questioned

Canon Rule 2.11(a)

Judge Adelman upheld the isolation of the children from the mother just because jew sister Judge Jane Grossman relied on a purchased fabricated diagnosis from jew sister Dr. Jessica Caverly, PhD, claiming he holds no evidence to permit kids to hug their mother, yet the state makes no claim against Mom in protection of the children. No rational basis exists for the court to order isolation of children. Just Adelman’s bias, requiring recusal. Jews love to destroy the Christian concept of family, it makes them feel so chosen.

Judge Adelman issues a gag order in a foolish attempt to hide his misconduct from an interested public. Adelman does not want public sympathy for a maligned mother at the hand of his bias and prejudice. Thwarting public’s First Amendment right to scrutiny of judicial malfeasance in exercise of parens patriae powers held by a sovereign people is terrorism, which reasonably questions jewdicial impartiality, requiring disqualification. Citing da Blog in his gag order demonstrates incompetence; another reason for disqualification.

Judge Adelman closes the courtroom from public scrutiny to hear the repeated testimony of Dr. Jessica Caverly, PhD, who made the ‘expert opinion‘ to isolate the children from their mother. Court room in Bridgeport was open when Caverly testified before Grossman, but closed in the star chamber of Adelman. If the expert is such an expert, why can’t the public watch? More bias & prejudice, disqualification required.

Judge Adelman is bleeding family assets by dragging out a simple no-fault divorce for the sole purpose of rewarding his fellow jews, Aldrich and Hurwitz have profited immensely from Adelman’s bias and prejudice. Poor folk are tossed out of the courtroom after a short hearing. Families without money never appear in RFTD.

Judicial Canon, rule 2.11, requires the disqualification if Adelman’s impartiality can be reasonably questioned. It is quite reasonable to disqualify a judge for forcibly isolating children from mother, denying hugs, inflicting emotional distress, rape of childhood, theft of college savings. An enlightened society protects children and pursues all those who threaten them. Adelman loves to threaten mothers with loss of children, even incarceration, just to scare them.

You have not gotten away with anything. I’ve simply heard enough and this trial needs to go on. That’s the basis of my ruling. Take it to heart; listen to it; digest it and believe it. You come before this Court again with similar type charges, you’re likely to find yourself incarcerated without your children. Without your children. Without your children. Let’s resume the case.

Judge Gerard Adelman

Judge Adelman is a danger to children, a threat to society, a domestic enemy of the Constitution. It would be best for Judge Moukwasher to disqualify Adelman immediately, before the mob dismembers him … just sayin’!

Moukawsher’s delay incites lawless action. Look out for Red SUV’s.

Best if Moukawsher discharges evil Jocelyn Hurwitz before she becomes a floater in Long Island Sound.
A RED SUV can reasonably question jewdicial impartiality on Baldwin Ave in Meriden.