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Clear & Present Katz

The now-famous Blog of the worst kind takes aim at jewdicial miscreant Joette Katz, public figure on a stage, begging for attention, a jew of a jew, espousing lies to malign goy with rabbinical opinion of talmudic law … chosen rule over goy, ‘cuz dem jooz be chosen. Blog calls bullshit on Katz’s claim that criticism of state government is ‘clear and present danger‘. Reality is that Katz is a threat to society, a shill, enemy of the Constitution, traitor, and child predator. Katz epitomizes the jewdiciary of Connecticut, the self-appointed regulator of thought, thin skinned JAP melts down over little free speech, cannot recognize the essence of self-government, but worst still, she cannot apply case law to her bully pulpit of the CT Law Tribune, where she spews anti-American ‘editor’ opinions, a jewish delicacy. If she hates the Constitution so much, there is a place for her in the occupied territory of Palestine, lots of non-jewish neighbors she can piss off.

Katz is a buffoon, ignorant enemy of rights, misquoting the concept of ‘clear and present danger‘ to advance her love of muzzling goy speak. Katz promotes jewish ideology of family court … her land of broken toys. The constitutional guarantees of free speech and free press do not permit a State to proscribe advocacy of the use of force to protect children from jewdicial malfeasance. Katz cannot recognize danger to children is the evil of jews in black robes, she ignores sovereign power vested in ‘we the people’, a.k.a. parents, holding no love for Jewette nor her chosen pals. The sovereign is free to opine death and destruction to child predators, free to advance theories of justice that rogue black robed jews fail the people; abolishment requisite. A jewdicial system that bars sovereign redress begs its violent termination, a Second Amendment guarantee.

The Connecticut jewdiciary begs its own destruction, the trajectory of court horrors points to an explosive end, inhumane discretionary rulings, by jew judges, incite imminent lawless action, a conspiracy under Judge Albis, a call to arms for a parental militia; night scopes, torches, flames to the evil court. Who will shed a tear when the jewish mafia of family court sprays into Lake Zoar from an industrial woodchipper? When the family courts reduce to smoldering embers, the charlatans, officers, vendors, predators charred beyond recognition, their doting politicians tarred, feathered, tossed in a heap, with liberty and justice for all, children rejoice, such is the freedom of expression enshrined in the First Amendment, beyond regulation of nutmegs like Katz. Inciting patriots is unwise.

There is no liberty interest of due process nor equal protection suggesting morons in black drapes hold divine power to traffic children, in defiance of parental rights, no claim of unfitness, no state interest, the farce is exposed, the jews of family court void the Constitution, gloss of ‘best interest’ begs a patriot retort; death and dismemberment is stare decisis for such tyrannical jewdicial conduct. Only a jew advocates separating mother from child; chosen ideology to blaspheme Mother Mary.

It is beyond time that Katz and her band of jews be expunged from the state justice system, that sovereign people rule the land, protect the children, purge evil. Retaliation is overdue against the twisted rulings of the state’s high court in contradiction to SCOTUS, voiding due process; communist jewish ideology of state ownership of children is an affront to the free exercise clause, spotlighting jewish hatred for the concept of family, exposing jewish agenda in destruction of families, rape of childhood, looting of savings … the devil is among us, he wears black robes, but in human form cannot survive a .50 cal to the head. Katz begs revolt against tyranny … sic semper tyrannis!

Editor’s Note:  It is a fundamental liberty right of citizens to advocate for the destruction of family court in its present form, which Jewette cannot recognize, blinded by her chosen-ness, incapable of grasping the reality of America’s goy sovereigns, she will always face an enemy of ‘we the people’ in the mirror.

Jewette Katz, shill of the chosen, child predator, enemy of rights, clear and present danger to society, incites lawless action, begs her own demise.

Chucky disapproves of Katz

Religious freedom protects racial and religious hate speech, especially militant Wahhabism, which is freely preached in mosques around the country, where passionate clerics espouse the Prophet’s teachings against the jews, sermons quoting advocacy are protected speech:

Have no mercy on the Jews, no matter where they are, in any
country, Jews are enemies of humanity. Fight them, wherever you are.
Wherever you meet them, kill them. Wherever you are, kill those Jews
and those Americans who are like them – and those who stand by them.
Jews are the enemies

Seems rather trite that Jewette has a hard on for pure protected political speech of Blog, but does not criticize a cleric’s religious sermon. Jihad is religion!