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The now-famous Blog, of pure protected political speech kind, takes aim at the yellow commie chink, masquerading as Attorney General of Connecticut. Yes folks, William Tong, anchor baby of illegal immigrants, puppet of the jews, betrays his oath, perverts rule of law, acts like a true commie worthy of a tyrant’s demise. Blog’s attention falls upon the Attorney Chink for inaction over legal misconduct of the State jewdiciary. The State’s lawyer has duty to deal with Judge Anthony Truglia who threatens mothers with jail for disobedience to his constitutionally invalid wrath, but no! Tong turns a blind slanted eye, condoning jewdicial discretion of the Jew of Bridgeport. Tong’s special litigation department under direction of  the incompetent AAG Maura Murphy-Osbourne is dealing with three federal suits against nutmeg judges for violations of civil rights. Ain’t that a gas! The ‘Constitution State’ is dragged to federal court to enforce the Constitution? Then there is the pesky little problem of family court jew judges acting beyond due process, absence of strict scrutiny, in separating children from mothers by rabbinical talmudic edicts. Chink boy Tong cannot understand the substantive due process clause of the Fifth Amendment, does not realize the Fourteenth binds the State to compliance, does not care, as it gets in the way of his communist agenda, which is where ‘no fault’ divorce is rooted, familial destruction the goal. Oi vey! Another jew puppet in public office working with his jew masters to destroy society, eliminate a culture, rape childhood, branding sheeple of Connecticut with the mark of the beast.

What a better team of sleeper cell terrorists to destroy motherhood than chink Tong, nigger boy Robinson, nigger Winfield, and jew boy Stafstrom? Federal oversight is thwarted by nigger girl U.S. Attorney Avery-Roberts, working under jew Micky Garland. Defeat of the Bill of Rights is complete with the ensemble of chink, nigger, and jew, which begs the question: What is the sovereign’s redress for this domestic terrorism? Write a letter, paint a poster, petition the legislature?  All that pointless effort has gone on for years in the nutmeg wasteland of self-governance, only the Second Amendment remains. If the people fear the government, there is tyranny, if the government fears the people there is liberty. What if Tong feared ‘we the people‘, would he take action to clean up nigger boy Robinson’s tyrannical family court, end State sponsored rape of childhood? How terrified must he become before taking action as the ‘people’s lawyer’ to uphold the rule of law, enforce the Bill of Rights in protection of motherhood? Childhood? Humanity? Why does he defend rogue state judges in federal court for civil rights violations, that is not the duty of the sovereign’s elected attorney. An independent jewdiciary can hire its own counsel to defend inbred tyranny in the federal court; Tong betrays his oath, defending tyrants with public funds, beyond his job function, in violation of separation of powers doctrine, a constitutional failure. Oi vey, the independent jewdiciary is suddenly dependent on the executive branch for defense for violation of federal law; nutmeg state is simply political tyranny.

Blog points out that the yellow commie chink will leap to the legal aid of jewdicial rogues like Moukawsher, Tammy!, Diana, and Nastri, but won’t lift a finger to protect the rights of a mother under character assassination of jews like Truglia, Heller, Wetstone, Rodriguez, Grossman, Adelman. Tong’s agenda is clear, he begs Second Amendment retort in redress of domestic terrorism. Dry powder and shot remains to salvage the jewish cesspool of Corrupticut; Zyklon B optional.

Tong’s agenda promotes the convoluted claim of queer rights over constitutionally protected parental rights being the underlying fabric of society. A deviant agenda of singular purpose of familial destruction, anarchy, societal disruption, promotion of cultural conflict, to the glee of the chosen.

The advocacy of violence to enforce constitutionally protected rights is a protected right. The existence of Tong is ‘clear and present danger’ to the vision of the Founding Fathers. Tong’s elimination is sovereign duty. Political thought, advocacy of violence to oppose tyranny is protected by the First Amendment, advocacy of lynching domestic terrorists, enemies of the Constitution, by depth of patriotic conviction is sanctuary of the conscience of a free people, beyond reach of nutmeg speech police. A well-regulated parental militia, with bare arms, dry power, large calibre shot, and night scopes is necessary to ensure sovereign protection of mothers and children from jewdicial tyranny … let freedom ring!

Editor’s Note:  The conduct of the elite chosen rulers of Connecticut must be halted to protect mothers and children, the State is a gulag, the warden is a jew, flames of liberty required to burn down tyranny.


Jews, niggers, chink, all conspire in rape of childhood, elimination of motherhood, deprivation of due process rights to jewdicial discretion of family court, a cesspool of alien ideology, promoted by aliens.

True colors of Connecticut Attorney General, deviancy protected, parental rights eschewed, a communist agenda, in the land of the free and home of the brave.

A singular, well aimed, freedom seed can eliminate tyranny in the cesspool of Connecticut.