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Pedo Wives

Blog spotlights the deviant females who sleep with the pedo predators of Connecticut’s public officials. A warning service to identify the monsters who walk among us.


Annie Lamont, fucks the Governor who fucks children.

Annie Lamont knows the value of money, knows that pedos pay big bucks to rape children, that folks like that make big political donations to shitheads like her hubby Ned. Hard to believe this monster actually spawned children of her own. First Lady of Connecticut sucks pedo dick and is proud of it. Proud to take it up the ass from Ned while applauding the jews of family court for destroying families, draining bank accounts and raping childhood. A special place in Hell awaits her.

The Lamont Family, proud of Ned for running a jewish court system focused on the jew god of money and child rape. The Governor has power to stop the child abuse of jew judges in family court, but he is owned by the jews and their deviant ways.


The sheboon bitch, Nancy Robinson, sucks the black dick of Chief Justice Richard Robinson who runs the court system that allows for the rape of children and the financial destruction of families. She sleeps with a token nigger, owned by jews, controlled by jews, to advance the jewish destruction of the host society. Dumb nigger bitch is proud of her husbands ability to rape children in the name of law.

Nancy Robinson, sucks black justice cock that fucks children.


Nancy Robinson parades around Connecticut proud of her nigger husband’s conduct of running a childhood rape operation. A monster among us.

Elizabeth Tong, white trash, chink-cock sucker, supports child rape with Attorney General

Elizabeth Tong is a bizarre woman with a law degree, who fucks communist chink, Attorney General William Tong. Red blooded American patriots have no need for a yellow communist chink who upholds rape of childhood by the jewish judges of the family court. Tong is no American hero, but it is likely that he is a pedo, supported sexually and politically by the pedo ring of the chosen. Her children will one day realize they are spawns of monsters.

Elizabeth Tong and her pedo husband AG William Tong, with the spawn of monsters.


A fat nutjob of a female, with a bad blonde dye job, having had her own kids, Jennifer Bright sleeps with Justice William H. Bright, chief of the appellate court, who holds all the power to arrest the jewish childhood rape carried out in family court, prevent destruction of mother-child bonds. Jennifer spreads her ass cheeks to satisfy this black robed monster who dutifully upholds the discretion of the jew judges who rape and plunder unsuspecting families to assert the jewish agenda of familial destruction. Jennifer sleeps with a jewdicial authority who upholds all that is deviant, queer, and inhumane when it comes to children and she is proud of her position in life, a true kike.

Jennifer Bright, spreads her ass for Justice William Bright of the appellate court, who upholds childhood rape.


Second go around divorcée cast off from a sailor with three kids, married pedo Thomas Moukawsher, a pedophile in the closet, provides a lubed ass and cover for the child predator in her bed. Another dumb cunt sucking dick to stay alive, mistress to the pedo ring. Parades around town as clerk of Groton. A democratic parasite engaged in pederasty with all the financial benefits that come with the number one pastime of the Connecticut ruling elite, pedophilia. Skank whore to deviant chosen ideology. Consort to a state child trafficker and racketeering operator. An icon of the community, letting everyone know to hide children from monsters like her husband.

Betsy Moukawsher pedo wife, child predator