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Spotlight: Judge Holly Wetstone

It slithered back into the Family Court Cesspool.  The heartless, brainless, breastless miscreant from West Hartford has crawled its way back onto the family bench.

Our bird brained, stomping, huffing and puffing, mentally unstable, cancerous miscreant of a judge, stashed in juvey since November 2013; after her famous ‘punishment by child’ ruling in the Bushey case; thought she would never be seen again.  Presiding Judge Bright was so upset with Holly’s public pronouncement that a mother was losing her kids as punishment, he kicked her out of the Rockville courthouse.  Remember the story?  Clerks came into work one day and Holly was gone,  Not even a farewell handshake.  Violation of the Eighth Amendment, cruel and unusual punishment, did not sit well with Judge Bright.  Banished to the juvenile court in New Britain, the senior judges breathed a sigh of relief as Holly The Nut Job would be out of public view.

SHE’S BACK!!  Holly has been seen in Family Court in New Britain.  She is running the post judgment modification scam again in the Ortiz case.  Not even one month after decree, a modification is filed and Holly is on it.  Smells like another pedo case.  Holly’s specialty.

But who in management thinks no one is watching?  Judge Holly Abery-Wetstone violated the Constitution by using the isolation of kids as punishment against a mother in a court of equity where the best interest of the children is paramount.  Why is she hearing family cases again?  Any litigant can move to recuse her cancerous pending corpse by citing the transcript of how she uses children as weapons of the court to ‘punish’ a mother.  What civilized society allows this?  Oh, wait, the pedo society of the judicial mafia of the Connecticut Pedo Utopia.  Holly is a trusted dirty judge from whom decisions, a.k.a. trafficking of children, can be purchased.  Judge Elliot Solomon is probably rejoicing that he has one of his personally trained and groomed family court Talmud foot soldiers back on the bench.

Time to raise a ruckus about Holly and her punishment of mother with kids?  Find out who re-assigned her to family matters?  Who is making money from her presence?  Holly is not small potatoes, she ran with the Munro, Drainginis, Solomon team, the Dons of the family court mafia.  She also ran the 86 day, $13M Tauck divorce trial.  Law firms only got rich on this case because Holly orchestrated the judicial fuck fest of Mr. Tauck’s wallet.  Of course, Peter Tauck was molesting his kids, so the judicial authority took a good lick to protect the pedo, before taking the kids away from mom.  Sound familiar?  See blog.

Looks like she is doing her pedo master’s bidding again.  She is involved in a sole custody award to a violent father…child trafficking at its best.  See article.  Another mother stripped of her kids, by jewdicial discretion.

Keep a close eye on Judge Holly Abery-Wetstone, the dark lord has returned her to the family bench for a reason.  The power base is shifting back to the dark side.  In Connecticut, no one can hear the children scream and Holly will silence them.

Holly Wetstone…justice for $$$