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Bozzuto’s Charge

Time to discuss why Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto, deviant miscreant overlord of the Family Court den of thieves is prowling the legislature to lobby against SB 1049.  A simple bill, by the will of the people, to create transparency and accountability in Bozzuto’s cesspool.

We are lead to believe in an independent judiciary, but in reality it is a veritable octopus of corrupt power wielded by tyrants in black robes.  SB1049 will strip Bozzuto’s flying GAL monkeys of their precious immunity.  No longer will incompetent lawyers like Steve Dembo, Rhonda Morra, Margaret Bozek, Ciel Gersten, Mary Brigham, Rosa Rebimbas and their greasy cousins be allowed to plunder family saving accounts without risk of being attacked in civil court for the fraudsters they really are.  This bill ends the easy money game.

Judge Bozzuto, being an employee of the state, paid to decide family matters, morphs into a lobbyist working to defeat the dangerous dose of disinfectant soon to be sprayed upon her court.  She has financial cause to protect the GAL system.  These court clowns are appointed by judges to do the evil behind the scenes prostitution of the whores of the court.  Vendors rely on the ‘recommendations’ of low life, sub human, scum lawyers for their lunch money.  Judges like Bozzuto, Olear, Wetstone, Munro, Adelman get kickbacks in cash to dark pockets.  The tax man never sees the transactions.  A financial scam that only jews can be proud of.

Who anointed these jewdicial pets with immunity for their terroristic acts?  Our beloved Queen Jewdicial Jew herself, Joette Katz.  Not by constitutional act by the will of the people enacted by the legislature.  The immunity was conferred by the jewdicial authority of the state supreme court in Carruba v Moskowitz.  The family court, run by the teachings of the Talmud to traffick children, destroy christian values and enrich jewish pockets must protect the jewidical foot soldiers from scrutiny or attack by the goy.

The unclean, unchosen goy seek to undo the Talmud immunity created by Joette Katz and Elliot Solomon.  The goy will be punished, the christian principles will be crushed.  The rule of family law is the rule of the Talmud.  So when dyke Elizabeth Bozzuto seeks to defeat the will of the sovereign people, she is acting as a mere foot soldier of the supreme jewdicial authority.

Be scared, very scared.

Jewette Katz…makes GALs immune.

Dyke on the byke

Jew King Elliott Solomon Talmud Ruler