Get Grossman!

Get Jane Grossman off the bench! The now famous blog makes a call to arms for the people of Connecticut to purge the family court of this evil monster and child predator. Grossman is up for reappointment in April ’22, a mere eight months away. The blog throws down the gauntlet in creating a public service campaign focused on de-benching her Grossness. Think of it as a child protection campaign, protecting parents and their children from the grotesque abuses by her twisteded pedo tendendancies.

Blog editors have turned on public comments to this post to collect commentary from those who have observed the judicial miscreant in action to be an archive of all Grossman’s evil, a ready source of ammunition against any member of the General Assembly who even thinks of putting her dumb ass back on the bench.

Time for the people to stand up in protection of children. Target the evil monsters and remove them from public service. Jane Grossman deserves your attention. Posts below can be made anonymously as judicial retaliation is a state sponsored sport. Do your duty to eliminate the evil of Jane Grossman from the family court. Scroll down.

8 thoughts on “Get Grossman!”

  1. Watch Rosa Rebimbas and John Kissel heap praise on Judge Grossman for her dedicated and exceptional work on the family bench, how she has made such difficult decisions … like isolating kids from parents for no purpose in law. So if Grossman is found dead in a ditch, who will cry?

  2. Divorced Dad from CT

    Grossman is an absolutely horrible “human being” whom makes horrid rulings that are definitely not in the best interest of the children and families, in the state of Connecticut. She needs to go. Go, go, go.

  3. Judge Grossman is a child-trafficking whore. No child is safe while she is walking free. She is a menace to society.

  4. Grossman is an evil foul excuse of a human who should never have been put on the bench. She could do the world a favor by resigning, lest a mob needs to chase her out of the judiciary.

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