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Immediate and Present

The now-famous Blog cheers the jewdicial word-salad promoting deceit by the mentally infirm Judge Eddie Rodriguez of the armpit of Bridgeport Family Court, undermining public confidence in the jewdiciary, exposing the child trafficking game abhorred by society. The tragedy of Christopher Ambrose continues, in tireless effort to abuse three gifts from God, tormenting childhood under guise of jew Judge Adelman’s ‘best interest’ orders cutting mom out of their lives. Ambrose files ‘ex parte‘ motion in family court demanding runaway children be seized by police, cuffed, chained, dragged kicking and screaming back to his loving care.

The fallacy of family court is when the kids don’t play along with jewdicial discretion, the chessboard flips, pieces go flying, the game is over. All the pleadings, testimonies, evaluations, experts, legal fees, best interests rulings, go out the window when kids just say no. The Ambrose case exemplifies the constitutional overreach of jews like Jane Grossman, Gerard Adelman, Anthony Truglia who rape childhood forcing children to void the orders, flee abusive Christopher Ambrose, find safe haven of mother, then plead for relief from abuse in juvey court against respondent ogre father, where the court appoints counsel for all three kids, joining mad man Ambrose in suit. Big picture here is family court orders are the singular cause of child abuse, kids holding statutory legal remedy in juvenile court, seeking their own protection; judges of family court can be abusers too! No one saw that coming.

Three kids run away from Ambrose, leaving him alone in a quiet house, where he turns to his laptop portal to altered reality of scripts, pleading in rambling prose for the family court to arrest mother, have the Madison Police physically seize three children, incarcerate them in his lair in chains, or alternatively, if he cannot have his precious, then neither can mother, demanding the State place the children in foster care, mad man’s delusional mind believing his loving children are under the spell of witchcraft, where mother manipulates child psyches, creating zombies acting against orders of Judge Adelman. Blog consumer protection department advises it ain’t makin’ this shit up! Jewish ideology of family court perverts administrative no-fault divorce under color of ‘best interests’ to rape childhood, perform momectomies in violation Fifth Amendment’s substantive due process clause, imposed upon states by the Fourteenth, but jews eschew goy rights penned with a quill on old parchment. Trafficking children is a jewish delicacy!

Blog star Judge Eddie Rodriguez cannot perform his simple job function, presented with mad man’s blithering ex parte prose absent facts that runaway kids are in ‘immediate and present danger’ while in mother’s safe haven. Blog psychiatric department questions mental competency of Rodriguez, where Blog copy editors find no presentation of fact of harm before ‘spic boy judge, yet Eddie falsely checks the box, directed by a dark jewdicial authority from whom the draconian momectomy orders were purchased. Blog’s private detective agents are aware kids are represented by counsel in Superior Court, juvenile division, which holds jurisdiction over abuse claims before Judge Bernadette Conway, the police did welfare checks on all kids, finding they are not in danger, not held against their will, refuse to return to abusive dad, remain in safe haven with mom by free will, even DCF social worker interviewed the kids, finding no present danger in mother’s care, begging public horror of ruling by ‘spic boy Rodriguez in his lawless fabrication lacking recited facts, no evidence, not even an allegation, betraying the jew hand in childhood rape, casting due process to the wind.

Rodriguez issues unworkable orders, awarding temporary sole custody to the mad man, the same sole custody already awarded by Adelman, no visitation for mom, a condition existing for over four years, courtesy of jews Grossman, Adelman, Truglia, further prohibiting mother from interfering with mad man’s sole custody. The orders are pointless, unrelated to the runaway condition, sole custody remains with dad, but the kids do not. Mom is providing safe haven to abused, battered children, not visitation, but simply exercise of parental duty to protect children. Mom does not interfere with father’s sole custody, the children do, on their own, now represented by counsel, armed with zealous advocacy. Rodriguez demonstrates again that old fools in black robes are morons who fail to understand discretion does not strip children of First Amendment right to hug mom under free association clause, express spiritual love of mother under religious free exercise clause, hold protected fundamental liberty interest in mother-child bonds under due process clause, that discretion of Adelman fails strict scrutiny requirements, no state interest exists to sever mother-child bonds. Rodriguez is one dumb ‘spic of such constitutional infirmity to be a clear and present danger to children, begging dry powder and shot of the Second Amendment in patriotic protection of the next generation by a well-regulated parental militia with bare arms.

The drama ends when Christopher Ambrose recognizes reality that three kids want nothing to do with him, four years of hell, mental torture, emotional, physical, sexual abuse, creates the present tragedy, remedied by agreeing to give up custody, keeping the kids together under loving care of mother, pay child support and alimony, withdraw his vexatious court actions. Attorney General Tong will not argue against motherhood, will not defend Adelman’s draconian orders, pariah family court judges have no friends, State’s Attorney eschews domestic disputes, the ending to mad man’s drama is already written, he just needs to sign it.

There will be more drama with Rodriguez’s incompetent ex parte order, another effort to expel kids from safe haven, more jingling handcuffs, threats by Madison Police thugs, more visits by a pudgy dumb blonde social worker, more refusals by the State’s Attorney for arrest warrant against mother for the crime of protecting children, more court drama … next Tuesday is another hearing before Judge Conway in juvey, where the AG has already disavowed interest. The players involved are completely ignorant of the law, believing some magic authority can seize children for the fault of wanting to hug mom. We live in the gulag, the warden is a jew, who rapes childhood. Our Constitution prohibits touching the kids.

Editor’s Note:  Connecticut is slowly realizing that ‘best interests’ is a fallacy, children control their own lives, that no one can touch them, the jewish hoax of family court exposed.

The usual jewish suspects who rape childhood for shekels, a kosher delicacy, now thwarted by exercise of constitutional rights of the victims.