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Smith’s Immunity Denial

In the jewdicial cesspool of Connecticut family court, the constant overreach of jewish games gets sickening. The vultures of the court feel empowered to take up the cloak of IMMUNITY while raping children and family bank. Blog star and pedophile Dr. Linda Smith, PhD got spanked by an Irish-Catholic judge for claiming IMMUNITY to rape Odin Sakon in a family matter. No immunity for a jewish psychobabblist peddling snake oil to traffic kids for the pedophile mob of Corrupticut. Read Judge Sue Quinn-Cobb’s decision here.

Court whore and pedo protector Linda Smith entered into a contract to perform her voo doo on Odin Sakon’s family for a forensic psychological opinion on who should have custody of a little boy for use by the state pedo ring. The commercial terms were simply cost and schedule. Smith could not deliver on the contract she signed, then played jew game of demanding even more money before releasing the report. Most people know this as EXTORTION. Smith gets her ass sued by Odin’s dad for breach of contract. Smith’s jewish lawyer claims IMMUNITY. Judge Cobb says a contract is a contract.

The jewish games of family court create an altered reality where the vultures just pick the flesh and wallets of the parents outside any statutory framework. Vendors like Smith know that they are protected by the family court mafia where they stomp all over families to extract a pound of flesh. Dr. Smith is now the poster child of psycho unprofessionalism. Too retarded to comply with her own contract terms, how can she be recognized as an expert on other people’s kids? She is a shiester, cheat, trickster, and a proud jew.

Judge Cobb tossed Smith’s claim for immunity as defense for violating contract terms. Should have sanctioned jew attorney Cara Joyce of MorrisonMahoneyLLP and her sidekick Connor Herdic for frivolous pleading that a vulture like Smith has some secret immunity not known to the public. This is the pathetic pleading by the Quinnipiac Law loser Joyce: Linda S. Smith, as a court-appointed evaluator, has absolute immunity.

Read the full bullshit claim of ‘absolute immunity’ for Dr. Psychobabble’s Snake Oil here. Jews of MorrisonMahoney want the goy to bow to their pedo pets like Smith, who will not be attacked for child trafficking and pedophile protection, the immunity will be ABSOLUTE. Nice try but Dr. Smith is a con-artist and is the target of an honest public mob who finds that elimination of such charlatans from society holds benefit for children; headless float down Connecticut River notwithstanding.

The now-famous blog finds sick twisted comedy in two licensed attorneys arguing that a pissant like Smith holds immunity from complying with the terms of her own contract and that her veiled attempt at EXTORTION of additional funds of double the original price is somehow a protected jew practice on the goy. Most folk call Smith’s conduct ROBBERY. But Smith acts under the protection of Judge Tammy Viet-Nguyen who is now out her commission for the extra funds. So sad. Family Court extortion exposed.

Strange how everything associated with family court reeks of jews.

Dr. Linda Smith, PhD, contract terms only apply to little people! She is immune, in her own mind.