King Solomon

The master jewish architect of the Connecticut Family Court system is the lead jew himself, Judge Elliott N. Solomon.  Put on this earth with an attitude and no conscious, this chosen disciple of the Talmud has cause to substitute a zionistic agenda for the U.S. Constitution.

Solomon will tell you he ‘trained’ all the family court judges in Connecticut.  They are controlled by his chosen agenda which he has codified in the family court bench book.  A book that reads much like the Talmud teachings for a rabbinical court prosecuting a case involving a goyim.  Yes, his jewish goal is to crush the elements of christianity using the court of the goy.  A brilliant charade where the four legged animals get the jewish treatment through their own courts.  The black robe is to cover the funny shaped star on his chest.

Promoting the jewish agenda through legal action handed down from the court bench.  Isolate a mother from children, no problem.  Not for the jews, but for the goy.  Let a father rape a child and take mom out of the picture, pure judaism.  After all, Freud was paid by the jews to promote paedophilia to the christians through pseudo science of psychology.  If the jews want to rape children then everyone should agree.  It is not a christian tenet to rape gifts of God, only jewish.  Want to destroy Christian belief in marriage, Connecticut judges pushed gay marriage using now Judge Murphy and her despicable partner to show christians that the LAW supports two daddy’s or two mommy’s or whatever else is contrary to teachings of christians.  Feel like a woman, jews will use public funds to butcher your groin and install a gash, such is treatment for the confused goy.  Family Court is Judge Elliott’s vehicle for the jewish attack on a christian society.

Complete destruction of the family unit.  Pitting parents against each other, using children as weapons, urged on by the jew lawyers doing their master’s bidding.  Breaking of parent/child bonds, child/child bonds, even employing the family dog as a source of antagonism.  Plundering of all family assets.  Invasion by psycho’s, therapists, family relations ‘officers’. Enriching the jewish court vendor base.  Kickbacks to judges.  Rape of children.  A process so devastatingly complete, absent empathy to be only the wrath of the jews on the christian world.  Well, christians with money anyway.

Ever seen the Family Court bench book?  No one but judges can read these chosen excerpts from the Talmud. Rule of law by statute, not in family court.  Rule of law by the Talmud and Solomon’s jewish mafia.  Enter Solomon’s rabbinical court of the Talmud at your own peril.  Jews don’t get divorced in state court, only the goy.


Jew King Elliott Solomon Talmud Ruler