Cousineau d’Cunt

Jabba The Hut’s little sister is back on the public stage in Connecticut family court. This time Sue Cousineau is the lead actor in a drama to attack a real lawyer for zealously advocating for her client, where the conspiracy to defraud the court is exposed in the case of Reich v Reich. Ooops!

Members of the family Bar association, unable to find gainful employment for the benefit of society, resort to fleecing family bank to feed themselves, pay the mortgage, and finance the BMW. Working together, opposing counsels along with the GAL rig proceedings to drag out litigation, run up billable hours, and enrich themselves by the criminal act of racketeering. All old news to Blog followers. Family court is a corrupt system, designed by jews for the benefit of jews, at the expense of whoever enters the court. The Reich case is a Connecticut classic. There is money to be made from a mother who lives in a big house in Canton and a dad who lives in a big house in Avon. In the lawyer lounge the Reich’s are known as ‘whales’. The divorce is quickly granted in January 2013, just four months after filing, with only 13 docket entries, then comes the post-judgement racketeering, starting two and a half years later. In August 2015, there are 14 docket entries in 4 months. In 2016, there are 121 entries over 7 months, in 2017 there are 110 entries over 12 months, in 2018 there are 82, in 2019 there are 104, in 2020 just 29, in 2021 there are 41, with a hearing scheduled in January. A case that started in 2012 is going strong nine years later, providing ill gotten lawyer feed, over 500 docket entries, propelled by the aid of 10 judges: Olear, Prestley, Suarez, Bozzutto, Albis, Adelman, Simon, Nastri, Connors, Diana. Along with a parade of attorneys: Sharon Friel, Rich Rochlin, Sue Cousineau, Mary Bergamini, Thomas Esposito. Even the infamous pedo protector, voo doo doctor, pay to play Dr. Linda Smith has her nose in the trough. Toss in that Stephen Reich likes fondling boys private parts, there is cash to be made for pedo protection, painting mother as a psycho nut job of mental derangement, who irrationally accuses pedo Steve of being a pedo. Ho, hum, so Connecticut, so familiar, Blog has seen this before, just another tactic on how scum lawyers play scams in court for big bucks. This case is a cash cow, fighting over son Michael is just the sideshow.

Now that Sue Cousineau is exposed for racketeering, she attacks mom’s new lawyer by filing a grievance in retaliation for the zealous advocacy which cut her off at the knees and sent Tom Esposito packing. A petty, childish action by Sue Cousineau is a pathetic attempt to cover her tracks by summoning the pedo mafia to scorch opposing counsel with the muscle of the Grievance Committee. Bloglicious!!! The ploy backfired, exposing even more egregious conduct by d’Cunt.

The public is now aware that Cousineau has a love affair with Dr. Linda Smith, where she recommends Smith to work on the Reich case, but represents her for legal protection in the Sakon case. Conflict of interest … of course! Further exposure reveals that Cousineau shakes down mom for payment by suggesting a second mortgage be taken out to pay the GAL bill. $300/hr racks up fast! Then the revelation that Cousineau blows off court orders because she does not like a particular therapist. Pretty arrogant for a commissioner of the Superior Court to ignore a judge’s order on her personal dislike for a court named provider. Perhaps the kickbacks are better with her pal Dr. Linda Smith?

The Blog notes that attorneys on the Grievance Panel did not bat an eye when Cousineau’s violations were presented. The public recognizes the failure of the disciplinary function of the Statewide Grievance Committee when criminal conduct is presented. Attorneys Cathy Dowd, Ryan Barry, Stephanie Dellolio, along with peasant David Campo, all betray public trust by conspiring with d’Cunt to attack a zealous advocate providing proper legal representation to a mother who is victimized by family court and their dirty nasty Bar buddies. The public can see the collective retaliation by the monsters who rig the Bar to fuck over the public. Public trust betrayed; institutional failure.

The Blog notes that David Campo is not an attorney, he is the Town Clerk of Waterford, which should scare the people of Connecticut. A lay person should have been the first to call out the retaliation brought on by Cousineau’s misuse of the grievance process, but Campo just sits like a bump on a log, totally unaware of the disclosure of court corruption before him.

In the end, Attorney Sue Cousineau will be discharged as Michael Reich’s guardian ad litem, likely sued for fraud, misconduct, perjury, then disbarred, left in a penniless, sobbing, hot mess on the street, never to practice law again. An appropriate ending to another American tragedy of family court horror. She is too much of a Blog Star to survive the publicity beating that is coming her way.

Bye, bye Sue.

Tribunal of grievance panel betraying public trust by entertaining retaliation against a mother’s attorney. Child predators in action.