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Predator: Jocelyn Hurwitz

Time to take a peak at the child trafficking game of evil guardian ad litem Jocelyn Hurwitz of the nasty jewish law firm of Cohen&Wolf. The jewdiciary feigns belief that a GAL is needed to dissolve a marriage. In reality, the GAL is only appointed when there are parents with money. Deceptively designed to represent the ‘best interests of the children’, the true role of the GAL is to wink at the judge, inflame conflict, and collect huge fees for purchased decisions. In the ongoing slugfest of Ambrose v Ambrose, Jocelyn is doing just that, while destroying the lives of her three wards in the process.

Jocelyn works in the firm’s family law group with the blog famous de-benched jew bitch Jane Emons. This is one nasty office of professional child traffickers and pedo protectors, all connected to the state ring. So when Christopher Ambrose of Westport decided to divorce his wife in July 2019 and cut her out of the lives of three adopted children, it was no surprise that Judge Eddie Rodriguez appointed Jocelyn as guardian to traffic the kids. The pattern of legal play where a pedo dad uses family court to eliminate the mother is well known in Connecticut. The Ambrose case is a page straight out of the pedo playbook. Jocelyn readily accepts her appointment, but appears under her license, not of the firm. This is a GAL trick, as the firm cannot claim the fictitious ‘absolute immunity’ conferred by the jewdiciary on GALs, a ploy of no merit as the veil of immunity is now gone. Jocelyn goes to work, thinking no one knows her game and that she is untouchable … but the blog sees all.

Christopher Ambrose is a homosexual, he likes child pornography, he likes to tell stories, he likes to tickle little boy penis, and he does not have sex with his wife. It is Jocelyn’s job to orchestrate the ‘suit’ under the color of dissolution law, to deliver the child play toys to pedo dad. Jocelyn picks the therapist to ‘treat’ the children, the very jewish and pedo friendly Dr. Robert Horowitz, as mom must have un-diagnosed mental issues, which is the reason Christopher needs to get rid of her. Jocelyn picks the ‘custody evaluator’, the dykish Dr. Jessica Biren Caverly, claims ‘borderline features’ to drag out the litigation, creates drama, while the other lawyers, Nancy Aldrich, Richard Callahan, Ed Nusbaum fill the docket with motion after motion, running up the billable hours. Needless to say the mother is left out of the loop on what gets filed on her behalf. She is the target and her opinion does not matter.

Jocelyn obtains the evaluations, which cannot be shared with mother, then goes to work, ex-parte on Judge Jane Grossman, who is handling the case to cut off mother’s access to the kids. Classic Connecticut pedo. By April 2020, nine months of litigation, 115 docket entries, mother is ‘temporarily’ barred from hugging her kids. It has now been ten months since, without a hug, while daddy trains the children in sexual positions for sodomy with an adult, latino boy butt sex being daddy’s favorite.

Quick recap: Christopher Ambrose sexually prefers men over women and enjoys little Latino boy ass. He is a prolific liar and now has complete control of three little kids by order of the pedo protecting dyke Judge Jane Grossman. Jacelyn Hurwitz is the guardian of these sex toys. The case is still pending, the Ambrose’s marriage has not been dissolved, the money has run out, the house will be sold to pay the lawyers, 220 docket entries over 550 days. In Connecticut, the court silences the screams of raped children.

Attorney Jocelyn Hurwitz is a certified GAL, trained to traffic child sex toys by authority of the State Judicial Branch under the supervision of Chief Judge Nigger Boy Robinson, a sad state of affairs in the cesspool of Connecticut. All information is in the public record, right under the nose of state law enforcement, Westport Police and Department of Children and Families, who all look the other way when children are raped by the judiciary.

Other articles of interest on Judge Grossman and her perverted sense of the law can be read here and here. A summary of the case here.

Jewish GAL trafficking three children for the sexual pleasure of Christopher Ambrose of Westport …. thinks she is protected by immunity!!!
Ambrose kids, wards of Jocelyn Hurwitz, jew trafficker.
Pedophile protecting Judge Jane Grossman, dykish nut job overseeing criminal conduct in her own court in the name of the State.
Westport Police Chief and pedo protector Foti Koskinas, knowingly harbors a child rapist on behalf of the people of Westport.
Colonel Stavros Mellekas, head of Connecticut State Police holds exclusive criminal jurisdiction in courthouses, but turns a blind eye to evidence of child sexual abuse, because that is his job … protect the pedophiles!