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Ficeto’s Dick

Time for the now famous blog to highlight Judge Anna Ficeto’s dick and what drives her to ram it in the ass of childhood. Ficeto lives in Wolcott, Connecticut in a big house at 13 Diamond Rock Rd. She is a miscreant of a human and a deviant child predator. She is a heretic, taking communion as a mislabeled Catholic, keeping her beastly tail tucked in, not to expose her Satanic inbreeding. Her allegiance to the dark side manifests in her legal representation of dykes who wanted to rub their tits and lips together, riding a double ended dildo, in claim of marriage. She represented two female sloths of such mental deficiency wanting to play house, pretending lesbo ‘marriage’ meant something to anyone. Why would a Catholic pursue marriage of two mentally deranged old hags? Is that like a vegetarian working in the kitchen of a tribe of cannibals? Ficeto is a moron, former counsel to nut job Jodi Rell. Rewarded with a judgeship by the fudge packing, sexual deviant retarded Dannel Malloy for her deviant dykish legal work. However, Ficeto retardedness on the bench, instantly relegated her to the judicial bowels of family court, as the enlightened judicial managers would not permit her sit in a real court of law. The state pedo ring found instant use for the needy clingon, trafficking child sex toys to the pleasure of her perverted jewish masters. The blog suggests the bench needs some disinfectant, as Ficeto is a disease.

Ficeto has a big dick and has shoved it in the childhood ass of Evie and Sofi Grohs of Watertown. Two gifts from God, who became the focus of billable hours by Mary Brigham, Marylouise Guiliano, Michael Fasano, Katie O’Connor, Rich Haddad and other child predators in Waterbury Family Court. Ficeto continues eleven years of litigation in the divorce of William Grohs, the last two after his death! Billy had money, lots of money, where protracted, pointless litigation turned Billy’s money into lawyer feed. The game was simple character assassination of Evie and Sofi’s mother. When the girls were molested by Marc Frenzel, the tag team of Brigham, Fasano, and Ficeto attacked mother for taking the sexually assaulted daughter to the pediatrician, who made mandatory report to child protective services, which sent GAL Mary Brigham on the warpath, where Ficeto issued orders preventing medical appointments without her direct approval. WTF? If that does not give away the pedo game going on with Evie and Sofie, two girls who can’t go to the dentist without court approval … Ficeto’s special way of showing she cares. Think Ficeto has psychological issues? Undiagnosed mental disorders? Not taking her medications? Or is just a mother hater? Tool of the pedos? Or just a pedo herself? Blog is betting that Ficeto takes pleasure in ramming her dick into society’s children, resulting from some dark trauma resting with parents John and Assunta Carbonaro, of Plymouth. Was Ficeto raped by her daddy? Hubby Robert Ficeto is on the suspects list as well. Evil surrounds Ficeto. Her associates are certainly not saints.

Wonder if this mother hatred, child rape theme of Ficeto plays out in her family? Hubby Robert rapes sons Christopher and Nicholas? Ficeto straps on and joins in? Annie Dranginis masturbates while watching?

The blog notes that Ficeto presided over the Couloute case in Hartford Family Court, where old pedo battle axe Annie Dranginis appeared to protect the infamous Matthew Couloute from allegations of sexually assaulting his daughter. Dranginis was also protecting law partner Ryan McGuigan who had the white penis in the Baby Dragon pedo game played with Couloute on the child. Ficeto made all that go away, how tidy, how efficient, how sick. Ficeto fits the pedo profile; endless political appointments, counsel to deviants, failure to act like a judge, facade of a devout Catholic, making sure she is seen receiving communion at St. Mary’s. Sure looking pedo.

Ficeto is directly responsible for the prolonged litigation by William Grohs, she is the rain maker, keeps up the endless court activities, keeps the money flowing, even to her pocket. Over a half a million dollars to lawyers from Bill’s wallet, for no purpose in law, but certainly purpose in pedophilia, as that much money needs a return on investment. Four years ago, without motion before the court, without notice and summons, Ficeto cut mother out of the lives of Evie and Sofi, no published decision, just a temporary order, which the court has never re-visited. Certainly not due process, rather the devil’s hand, cloaked in judicial discretion. Ficeto is pure evil. When Bill finally died of brain cancer, Ficeto instructed nigger boy Coleman to give the kids to Vicki Frenzel, so she could live off the trust funds. The money keeps flowing to lawyers. Now smelly jew boy Steve Levi is draining the girls’ money in desperate effort to keep tramp trailer trash Vicki from returning to the trailer park. Ficeto has engineered psychological harm by insuring that there have been no mother daughter hugs in the last four years. She supports Vicki Frenzel’s claim that mother and her extended family are all ‘crazy’ and it is Vicki’s duty to keep the children isolated from anyone who might tell them their trust funds are being robbed by Ficeto & Company. After all, Ficeto does not give a shit about children, she rather just rape them all with her dick. Ficeto is one fucked up cunt, in need of bubble therapy in Long Island Sound.

For the technically inclined, here is a list of court functions that Ficeto has refused to execute for the children where she intentionally ignores the laws of Connecticut. There is no parenting plan. No active and consistent maternal involvement. No hugs. No Christmas. No Mother’s Day. There is no visitation schedule. There is no child support order. Ruling of child abuse absent state petition. Ficeto even stated she was punishing mother by loss of children, an Eighth Amendment violation. Isolation is defacto termination of parental rights … just what Ficeto wants. Most blog readers are well aware that such isolation of children from mother is child abuse under federal law, but in pedoland of Connecticut, no law applies, screams of raped children are silenced. The Catholic Ficeto even denies the children communion at St. Mary’s. Vicki has turned the kids into heathens, just to spite mother and God. Ficeto loves it! Ficeto disregards the laws of the state by isolating children from mother, why? The reason is obvious, Ficeto works for powerful evil pedo forces of the state, she will obey them without question, despite her judicial oath to follow the law, her faith is a mere disguise evil. This is how pedos work.

Ficeto has a dick. She rapes childhood.

Ficeto’s deviancy and love of child abuse is evidence of her mental instability and that she really does have a dick.
Satan takes the form of a family court judge to rape children of Connecticut: Ficeto