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Tammy d’Retard

Judicial manifestations of diminished mental capacity appear in the written babble of court decisions. Rational reasoning, application of law, juris prudence will all find root in properly written court decisions. It is demanded by a sovereign people for proper performance of the third branch of government. Judge Tammy Viet-Nguyen just published a decision exposing her deep rooted mental defects that disqualify her from the bench. The bitch is retarded. Tammy handed down a page of blither so outside the law that the now famous blog provides its standard disclaimer: can’t make this shit up!

The Hartford Family Court has run a fuck-fest over little Odin Sakon for the last five years. The court divorced the parents in April 2018, but left custody, visitation, child support, parenting plan, for another day. It is now three and a half years later and TAMMY is still fucking the kid. Remember the ‘mission’ of the judiciary is to resolve matters in a fair, timely, and efficient manner. TAMMY fails the mission completely. Let’s review her verbose manifestation of mental retardation, which can be read here.

Dad claims a mistrial as there is no motion for sole custody before the court. When nut job Judge Linda Prestley entered judgment of dissolution in 2018, the parties held joint custody. Mom and her pedo boyfriend Dennis O’Toole had other uses for little Odin’s ass, so they hired pedo psychologist Dr. Linda Smith to ‘evaluate’ the need to isolate Odin from his father, where unemployed mother magically came up with $30k to pay for Smith’s ‘opinion’ that Odin must be isolated, lest he tell someone his butt hurts. TAMMY sez no mistrial, all is as it should be! This is a pedo case, the court does not need no stinkin’ papers from mother demanding sole custody, when Margaret Bozek and Linda Smith appear before TAMMY it is obvious the child is to be trafficked. TAMMY uses an entire paragraph to explain that the issue of ‘custody’ has been before the court for 3.5 years. This is TAMMY’s admission that the fucked up family court can’t decide custody in 1260 days … timely? efficient? C’mon! A judge of the Connecticut Superior Court formally admits the custody decision will take longer than America’s involvement in WW2. Impressive! Family Court at its finest!

TAMMY rules that the parties are presently in the middle of a trial on custody, that dad is in the middle of a cross-examination of a witness, but the last hearing was in May and there are no more trial dates scheduled, so where is the ‘timely efficient’ mission element when TAMMY is too retarded to realize that dates must be scheduled for her to hear the matter, despite the lack of a motion to act upon. Just dragging it out, running up the billable hours, abusing little Odin, inflicting psychological harm. All the kid has known for the last five years is constant parental conflict, mom being a total cunt, hell bent on destroying childhood. TAMMY d’Retard destroys children, but makes money for lawyers at FreedMarcroft. TAMMY further demonstrates retarded incompetence, fraudulently upholding Linda Smith’s pedo evaluation, which is ‘stale’ by definition. Dr. Smith started in 2017, reported her opinion in 2019, testified to it in 2021. Smith’s evaluation is no longer applicable to the present conditions of little Odin. The evaluation must be tossed, there is a mistrial. Poor TAMMY, so retarded she can’t comprehend ‘stare decisis’. She claims there is no harm to dad, no mistrial, but completely ignores the court inflicted psychological harm on little Odin, the denial of due process, and the total embarrassment by court mis-function before the people who pay her salary.

Of technical interest, Tammy d’Retard refers to the quack opinion of pedo puppet Linda Smith as a ‘custody evaluation’ containing an ‘analysis’, Tammy’s word salad is very jewish. There is no such thing as a custody evaluation, it is merely a biased opinion of a private contractor hired by a pedophile parent to defame the other. No State approved standard or definition even exists for such opinion, it is just the words of a child predator trafficking a kid. Same for ‘analysis’. The only analysis in this case is how much revenue can be produced by pals of mom for use of a little boy’s ass, while enriching FreedMarcroft lawyer Jenn Shukla. Make no mistake, TAMMY plays for the pedos and the jews. Where did she learn to be a judge? Pedo school of child trafficking, advanced course?

TAMMY belongs in an Asian rice paddy where she can do no harm to American children. Time to boot the incompetent Tammy Viet-Nguyen off the family bench, as she proves by her own hand that she is a clear and present danger to children of Connecticut.