GAL Mary Brigham Extortion

The public needs to take a hard look at Mary Brigham’s ability to fleece a family by court appointment and self claimed immunity from humane conduct.  A license to steal is awarded by the court and executed with malicious vengeance by the cancerous cunt.

No service contract.  No terms and conditions.  No warranties.  No specifics.  No tax reporting.  All backed up by threat of incarceration to the parent who cannot pay the court’s extortion.  Take a look at three invoices in the Grohs case.  $7,500 billed for reading emails, talking on telephone, attention to billing, driving to court, meeting with attorneys and review of the Summer Enrichment Program!  What is the work product for this sum of money?  What is the purpose of expensive busybody gossip about the case?  Brigham is quite effective at creating billable hours for the other attorneys in the case at whim.  Just by calling or emailing the other lawyers, she creates billable hours for them.  In effect, she is giving away Grohs family savings to other lawyers; just for chatting.  Great racket.  There is no legal service being provided, just a court sponsored financial scam.

Of curious note, why is GAL Brigham reviewing DCF records for a case not in Juvenile Court?  DCF only appears in juvey.  Why are DCF records a matter for family court where the state is not appearing?  Have the children been abused, molested, raped, penetrated in the father’s care?  Did DCF investigate child molestation?  Might explain why Attorney Michael Fasano is working so hard to paint mom black; classic pedo play to protect abusive father….blame mom!!  Not the professional practice of law; just another scam to malign a mother and steal the kids.

Care to guess how much of Brigham’s cash is kicked back to the judge?  None of these court ordered ‘fees’ are properly reported to the IRS.  The ‘bill at will’ game of family court.

Public scrutiny of public figures on a public stage scamming families under the color of law reveals public corruption; child trafficking and racketeering.  Worthy of widest public disclosure, examination, criticism and criminal complaint.  Beware the cancer of Mary Brigham!!

This is how the judicial dictatorship plunders family savings without use of valuable court time.  Perfect scam.

Hard to believe Mary Brigham is a mother.  Her kids should be ashamed of her inhumane conduct and abuse of children.  Perhaps karma caught up with her.


Even monsters have kids.

mary brigham cancer cunt

GAL Cancer Cunt Brigham