El Chiflado: Judge Suarez

Blog famous Connecticut whack nut judge José Suarez, the Puerto Rican refugee is at it again! This time in the case of terminating mother’s parental right to her three children in RE Madison. The state child traffickers came out in force to cut a mother out of the lives of the fruits of her womb, where all the usual jewish players showed up for the party.

The State of Connecticut is staffed by a cesspool of incompetent paycheck sponges who pretend to know what is best for other folk’s children. Here we have state moron Chanel Cranford, an inexperienced social worker under DCF Commissioner Vannessa Dorante to really fuck people up. The story is that a crackhead mom is so evil to her own children that the State must terminate her parental rights, cutting the kids out of her life and depriving the kids of a mother. Now let’s face it, if Connecticut applied this to all crackhead parents, it would create large orphanages in ghettos like Meriden, Bridgeport, Manchester, Waterbury, New Britain, East Hartford, West Haven and Naugatuck. Mom Patricia K. had three kids with dad Chester C. The kids ages are 7, 5, and 3. DCF originally wanted to take the kids away from both parents, but then decided just to cut mom out, so dad can let the state pedo ring rape them in return for protection and a private crack supply for himself. Jews in the Attorney General’s Office under Tong go to work filing for termination before Judge Barbara Aaron of New Britain Juvenile Court. Remember Barbara Aaron is the jew, former law partner of jew Steve Dembo, who ascended to the bench for the sole purpose of trafficking children for the ring. She was asked during her confirmation hearing why she wanted to be a judge, which stunned her for twenty seconds as she searched for an answer. Barbara holds a special place in the famous blog, as she is owned by the pedos.

Enter two pedo jews from Long Duck Tonger’s Office of Attorney General, masters of child trafficking and lovers of little boy ass. First is Benjamin Zivyon, experienced insider, master of child rape, followed by trainee trafficker Alina Bricklin-Goldstein. The State makes the petition to terminate mom’s right to be mom on the ‘recommendation’ of two nigger cunts from DCF. The State presents no special interest in two crack-head parents from Plymouth, but there is obviously a dark benefit in use of the three young children. Lots of pedos in Connecticut, that is well known, inventory of usable children is tough to maintain.

The State ‘social workers’ are so smart, gifted, and talented that the only course of action is to cut mom out of the kids’ lives. Chanel and Vannessa are so smart and so black that they cannot envision any other suitable alternative. Chanel and Vannessa get cash bonuses for stealing kids, part from the State part from private sources in the pedo ring. Judge Aaron plays right along, blindly agreeing with the expertise of State pedo players, even the court appointed GALs, paid by the State are agreeing with DCF to cut mom out completely!!! Lawyers know that kids don’t need a mom, this is Connecticut! After all, crack whores can’t be moms, after having three kids with the same father, living in a house together, like a family!!! Madison, Ryan, and Andrew will be better off being cared for by single dad, never again being able to hug their mother … how touching, how sweet, how pedo like, a form of psychological child torture. Of course, there will be no mother for the kids to tell that their butts hurt. Note that the State does not cite any physical harm to the children by mom, just need to get rid of mom for pedo purposes.

DCF also relies on the obese jewish expertise of Rachelle Chevalier Jackson, a self-described ‘expert’ in kids, who runs Ahavah Family Services in Rocky Hill, who claims mom failed her expert parental re-education program, not that any reference to this jewish psycho-babble therapy is cited. Just another trafficking trick by the pedos (jews). ‘Ahavah’ is a hebrew word meaning love, affection, sexual acts … like a dungeon for pedophilia.

The court appoints Attorney Albert J. Oneto, a superlawyer specializing in bankruptcy to represent mom … like Judge Aaron gives a shit, she has her marching orders to snatch the kids. Oneto is just a horse holder. The draconian termination goes up the appellate court where the three stooges of Bright, Suarez, and Lavery rubber stamp the pedo action of Barbara and her DCF poacher pals. There is now great suspicion that these three appellate judges really hated their moms while growing up, or that perhaps they were raped as little boys, learned to like it, and have grown up liking little boy ass and sucking dick, while holding special membership in the State pedo ring.

The court appoints three attorneys as GAL, one for each kid, they all magically agree with DCF and the Attorney General that their wards will be fine without ever hugging their mother again. Goy children do not need mothers. Attorneys Deetta Roncone-Gondek, James W. Lux, and Katherine Dornelas all tossed the kids under the bus for a few schekles, did not even bother to file a brief, their own mothers should be ashamed of them.

Remember that Judge Bright believes that mothers are evil if they don’t beat their children and that Judge Suarez hates hearing family matters, that’s a fact! Just the hallmark of the Connecticut Judiciary. Suarez is so despised as a judge that the Hispanic community wanted to kick his ‘spic ass off the bench when he was up for re-appointment. Ever wonder what the families of these judges are like? Aaron has no kids. Bright beats his wife, Suarez is gay … judgment or pedo?

Connecticut runs on the tenets of the Talmud. The ruling jewish elite look down upon the goy as four legged animals, the children their calves. Separating a goy child from mother is no more a Connecticut concern than a dairy farmer slaughtering a bull. The evil begs its own destruction.

Scared of Connecticut? You should be horrified. Keep powder dry and have lots of .308 ball ammo ready, the jews have a grip that only patriots can release from cold dead hands. Refresh the Tree of Liberty!

Judge Jose Suarez hates family court, but loves to traffic children. Pedo ‘spic!
Top nigger child trafficker DCF’s Vannessa Dorante, cutting off three kids from their mother…pedo!!
Obese ‘family therapist’ Rachelle Chevalier Jackson, too busy inhaling candy bars to know anything about children. Contracted by DCF to traffic little kids for pedos.
Nut job Barbara Aaron does not know why she wants to be a judge….but it has something to do with trafficking children for the state pedo ring.
William Tong, pedo protector and child trafficker of Connecticut, loves little boys, hates mothers.
Needs some pedo manure.