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The Dark Lord

Judge Gerard Adelman is the dark lord of the Connecticut jewish family court.  An anointed zionist inflicting destruction on christians and their children.  His rule of law is simply Talmud teachings inflicted on citizens with public funds.

Adelman is a dark force with powerful sponsors in the Connecticut pedo ring.  His deviancy is displayed by his infatuation with family court.  He likes presiding over christian families in conflict, he relishes in using children as weapons against parents, he loves the sound of college savings flowing into the pockets of his jewish Bar pals and court vendors.  He loves the feel of the kickbacks to his own pocket.  He loves trafficking christian children for pedo masters.

His judicial assignments betray his role in the pedo ring.  A nobody jew from Brooklyn, lackluster history major at Ohio State, elementary school teacher with an unhealthy attraction to eighth grade boys, gets a night school law degree and instantly becomes a key player in the state family law racket.  Quite strange.  But his assignments as a judge betray his evil pedo side.  Almost immediately he is seated at the right hand of evil witch Judge Lynda Munro, Chief of Family Court, at the Regional Family Trial Docket, the star chamber of family court.  The special docket where families with money are sent to be picked clean by Munro, her GAL pals and the most expensive court whores in the state.  There sits Adelman, the dark lord, quietly handling ‘special’ cases with particular lawyers, where the screams of children are silenced.

Needless to say, jew Judge Elliot Solomon arranged the preferential assignment and arranged for the career rise of Adelmonster.  Working from the private regional docket, where lawyers and judges from around the state send cases to Munro and Adelman for ‘special’ handling.  Litigants often had no clue why their cases were being sent halfway across the state.  Simple judge shopping.  Decisions bought and paid for.  Money funneled through lawyers, GALs to judicial pockets.  There sat Adelman, a very junior judge, but a dark lord of the jewish family court system.

Judge Adelman enjoys separating children from mothers.  In Lulu’s case, he just took her away from mom for no reason; no visitation.  Case involved a nut job dad who came up with money, went to the right lawyer, calls were made, Rosa Rebimbas the infamous pedo GAL made baseless ‘recommendations’, Adleman did the rest.  Have money, buy a decision from Adelman.  Child trafficking for hire.  Same modus operandi in the Thaner case, cut mom out of the lives of the children so dad can have his way with the kids and share them with his ‘special’ pals.  Adelman got off on wreaking havoc on countless other cases.  He got so out of hand that the appellate court had to ram one of his decisions back down his throat for being so far outside the law.  But that did not stop the dark lord.  The senior judges are not his masters.

Public service announcement:  Adelman promotes a jewish pedophile agenda.  Law does not apply in his court.  His discretion is your horror show.  If dad is raping the kids, Adelman will be there to cut mom out of their lives.  Judge Maureen Murphy, Lynda Munro and Gerard Adelman make up the core of the pedo controlled judiciary.  Munro was kicked out when her GAL money laundering scheme gained too much public attention.  RFTD was exposed; Adelman was sent to the armpit of Bridgeport.  The demise of Judge Olear and Wetstone also annoyed the pedo masters greatly.

Adelman became a judge trial referee last year.  He now sits in Hartford where deviant miscreant Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto gives him ‘special’ cases.  Again, he sits at the right hand of the Chief Family Court Judge.  If he is assigned to your case, be afraid, very afraid.  If you have a lawyer, the lawyer is working for the dark lord, not you.  Talmud benchbook rules the family court, but you are not allowed to view it.

The child traffickers still have control of family court.  Judges Bozzuto, Adelman, Murphy, Cutsumpas are pretty much what is left from the Munro era, but the state pedo ring has been untouched and other judges are afraid.  The core of trafficking GALs that wield the power of the ring are still alive and immune:  Mary Brigham, Margaret Bozek, Steve Dembo, Rhonda Morra, Rosa Rebimbas, Ceil Gersten, Sue Cousineau, Sharon Dornfeld.  The supporting cast of jewish preferred psychologists has not changed, Stephanie Stien-Liete , Stephen Humphrey, Linda S. Smith, Harry Adamokos, are still the pedo favorites.  If you become a victim of Family Services, the dark lord’s deviant miscreant  Margaret Rominak will be there to help destroy your family.

Munro, Olear, Wetstone are gone, RFTD is no more, but the evil still lurks in the shadows, forces beyond the law are still at play, the dark lord still reigns.

Until the dark lord is dispatched, screams of the children are silenced.


Evil Jew Dark Lord of Family Court Judge Adelman