Kill Shot

Questioning public officials can be deadly. A properly worded question becomes an effective Kill Shot to the political target. As the Christian celebration of Christmas is upon us, the Elf is on the Shelf, the jews are making reservations at a local Chinese Restaurant, Santa arrived at the end of the Macy’s Parade, the now-famous Blog constructs the Kill Shot question for the jews of Connecticut Family Court, which also applies to the dumb niggers, pedos, dykes, heretics, and child predators shrouded in black robes.

How is the State served by discretionary orders that separate children from mother?

Blog kill shot

Blog applies the KILL SHOT to individual judges who have performed a ‘momectomy’ on children. Take the dumb nigger boy Judge Eric Coleman, a retard, a political operative, not much of a judge, he isolates two kids from their mom, no visitation, no hugs, just takes the calves away from their barnyard breeder, in true jewish treatment of the goy. KILL SHOT question: How is the State served by such isolation? Stammer, stammer, uh, uk, buh, buh, … KILL SHOT delivered. Coleman is outed for being a jew puppet. No sense wasting a .50 cal to the head, there are no brains in this misplaced jungle bunny to blow away. His simple inability to answer to a sovereign people proves he is a jew puppet, holding no purpose in the American form of government.

Apply the KILL SHOT question to Kathleen Montano, overpaid, under-educated, busybody who upholds the nigger’s orders, lest she be working a french fry line at McDonald’s. Montano cannot answer the KILL SHOT question … how does a ‘momectomy’ serve the people of the State? Again, no answer, deer in the headlight look, another jew puppet executing a jewish agenda, promoting viewpoint discrimination, masquerading as a family relations officer, in return for shekels to feed herself. The non-Christian goy employed by the State will toss kids under the bus for pocket change and a pat on the head by jew ass-kissers like Deb Fuller, Gary Roberge, Michael Albis, Patrick Carroll, and of course the head nigger Richard Robinson.

Ask the KILL SHOT question to the grotesquely retarded nigger of the Department of Children and Families, the executive agency of the sovereign responsible for protecting children from ‘momectomies’ induced by the jews in black robes? Vannessa Dorante is a nigger puppet of the jews, whose internal counsel, Maureen Duggan, plays for the dark side, ensuring that the agency does nothing to interfere with jewish rape of childhood. Apply the KILL SHOT question to Duggan. Why does the executive branch turn a blind eye to childhood rape of the jewish family court? What purpose does DCF conspiracy provide a sovereign people? The executive branch holds power and duty to charge all offending family court judges with child abuse, the Office of Attorney General has power and duty to act on behalf of the State to protect the children from the monsters of family court. Apply the KILL SHOT question to chink communist William Tong. Why does Tong do nothing to stop the childhood rape inflicted by whim of child predators in black robes? Is he working for ‘we the people’ or the jewish child predators? KILL SHOT applied. Tong’s political career goes up in smoke, he loses all credibility, his claim of protecting families is a hollow shill. Tong is a child predator, protecting those who profit from ‘momectomies’. Demise of Tong will reduce membership in the godless communist party by one. One less pedophile in the world is a good thing.

What if the spineless Judiciary Committee of the General Assembly were to subpoena the great dumb nigger Chief Justice to appear and declare to the State all the child isolations inflicted by the judges of family court, where the black ape would explain the State interest in such draconian orders. As the offending judges sat in the gallery behind him, that the chamber went dark, when the lights came back on, there were just lifeless bodies in black cloth, no witnesses. The KILL SHOT works to ensure the democrat form of government is protected from tyranny.

Other candidates for the KILL SHOT question are: Judge Anne Ficeto, Judge Linda Munro, Judge Gerard Adelman, Judge Elliot Solomon, Judge Thomas Moukawsher, Judge Holly Wetstone, Judge Jane Grossman, Judge Thomas Welch, Judge Tammy Nguyen, Judge Leo Diana, Judge Patrick Carroll, Judge Salvatore Agati, Judge Michael Albis, Judge Linda Prestley, Judge Jorge Simon, Judge José Suarez, Judge Maureen Murphy, Judge Elaine Gordon, Judge Marylouise Schofield, Judge Alex Hernandez, Judge Jane Emons, Judge Elizabeth Bozzuoto, Judge Leslie Olear, Judge Susan Connors, Judge Constance Epstein, Judge Corinne Klatt. Where family court judges being Satan in human form, it is the free exercise of religion to defeat such evil. Death always unto tyrants.

In keeping with elements of judicial efficiency, while conserving ammo, the question can also be applied under the free expression considerations of the Ninth Circuit as shown below.

KILL SHOT question in graphic format, specified by 9th Circuit, opinion by Breyers, J of D. Northern California

Editor’s Note: If ‘momectomies’ serve no sovereign purpose, then the offending judges serve no sovereign purpose, other than perhaps fertilizer for the tree of liberty. Only the Second Amendment remains to protect the children from jewish monsters in black robes.

Let freedom ring to the retort of bare arms!!