Bang! Bang!

The tangled web of Connecticut Family Court and its paedo players continues to amaze with a Christmas Day murder-suicide! Attorney John Liquori, a fine upstanding divorce lawyer, trusted by judges, respected by his peers, occupying that special place in society to ensure the high quality of justice, murdered his wife Cindy in her sleep, then blew out his meager brains while lying next to her, at her mother’s house. The judicial cover story is that the couple was distraught over the virus … what a crock of shit!! Let’s examine the real facts.

The spin doctors of Corrupticut want the sheeple to believe that Cindy was distraught waiting for her chinkflu test results. She was dog sitting her mother’s pups at mom’s house because mom was in hospital with the chinkflu. She was sleeping. John shows up with a revolver and shoots her in her sleep on Christmas, to cure the flu, then so worried he might have caught the virus, he blows his brains out, right after calling Cindy’s brother to come feed the dogs. Sure. Here is the blog re-write of the story.

John Liquori, 59 was a typical bottom of the barrel Nutmeg attorney, holding a worthless law degree from the Western New England School of Law for Retards, practicing from offices in the basement of his house at 900 Suffield Street in Suffield, right off the end of the Bradley runway, handling cases of clients with no bank, a last resort for poor people caught up in divorce and other matters of pathetic litigation and small claims. Cindy Liquori, 55 a gregarious and outgoing lady, with a retail shop, Cindy’s Soap Cottage in East Windsor. The couple have an adult daughter by a different mother and a grandson. The worst thing imaginable to Cindy was betrayal.

The spin is on the ‘mental health’ of the lawyer murderer, but let’s face it, the fact that Cindy was staying at mom’s house in Windsor Locks to look after three little dogs on Christmas is indicative of marital strife. The pups could have come to the couple’s home for safe keeping while grandma, Claire R. Palmer, 77 was in the hospital. The fact that lawyer boy showed up with a gun is more an act of hunting than a mental impairment. Covid? Right, nothing to see here, move along. But this is Connecticut, the paedophile capital of New England. Did Cindy find out that John was raping little boys along with Steve Dembo and other members of the Family Bar? Did Cindy finally have enough with the threats, lies, and rapes of having a hubby in the state paedo ring? Was something going to be exposed which signed Cindy’s death warrant? Did John silence himself to protect his paedo masters? Did John even shoot Cindy? Did John shoot himself? Who was the trigger man? If John was going to kill his wife and then off himself, what was the need to call his brother-in-law to come pick up the dogs? Seriously? A murder-suicide plot focused on the care and feeding of three little yapping mutts? How does that fit in to the scenario? More questions, but to those who know how the paedo ring operates, this is just cleaning up loose ends and muzzling the unfaithful.

The police in Hartford and Windsor Locks are in on the cover story. Detective Sgt. Jeff Lampson tells the media it is a murder-suicide, the Law Tribune blames COVID, other legal professionals are questioning mental health of their fellow lizard of law, everything to point away from any suspicion that Cindy knew something about paedos that she shouldn’t and could not be trusted to keep quiet; John was just paying the price for exposing the ring to his wife. Problem solved, cleaned up nice and tidy. See how the chosen ones work in Corrupticut?

Sheeple are to believe that the goof on the right had the ability to kill his supposedly sleeping wife …. sure … at 5pm on Christmas Day, at his mother-in-law’s house. What did Cindy know that cost her life?
The only witnesses to the murder of John and Cindy Liquori.