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Agati rules fair!

The Italian jewdicial grease ball of Waterbury JD, Salvatore Agati rules that evil Judge Anna Ficeto is a fair judge!! The hypocrisy is palpable. Two jewish judges who pretend to be of the Catholic faith traffic Sofie and Evie Grohs along with their large trust funds, depriving them of hugs from mother and family for over four years. Agati rules it is all FAIR! Lock & Load! Jewdicial terrorism is on the loose, hunting season open, no tags, no limits.

The now famous blog examines the heretics masquerading as Catholics, but practice the Talmud from the jewdicial bench of Connecticut. Salvatore Agati is Board Chair for Holy Cross High School in Waterbury, good little christian he pretends to be, but when it comes to violating the Fourth Commandment he is 100% jew. His jewness is so profound that he upholds denial of the faith and communion to the children, just to please his talmudic masters!! He upholds the theological misconduct of fellow jewdicial terrorist Judge Anna Ficeto for punishing a mother by taking her kids away. Agati reviewed the hearing where Ficeto stated on the record that the kids were taken away as punishment of the mother, what true patriots recognize as a violation of the Eighth Amendment. In the land of the free, the home of the brave, parents cannot be punished by use of their own children against them, that is cruel and unusual for the Christian world, but that is just another trick of the jew to destroy pathetic little goy families. The Salvatore-Ficeto shit-show is dripping with jewish delight in upholding unconstitutional conduct of the Connecticut Superior Court. Salvatore Agati rules that Ficeto’s punishment by child is fair, not an impartial act, and therefore no reason to disqualify his jew sister from acting to further harm Sofie and Evie Grohs. Child abuse is just what the jew ordered for the goy.

Perhaps Agati has mother-hating psychological issues, undiagnosed, untreated, mental disorders which prevent him from acknowledging he is not Catholic, but very demonic, perhaps even of pedo persuasion with affinity to rape little boys. Satan’s dried cum on his chin might give him a hint. His own daughters Allie and Tina should live in fear of such a monster. Is wife Maria really sucking jewdicial dick? Her reward to Salvatore for destroying other mothers? Maybe she is licking his balls too, Satan’s reward of a concubine for violating Church law. Wonder the evils in the master bedroom at 263 Georgetown Dr. in Watertown. No compelling state interest exists to isolate children from their mother, must be a personal thing, probably jewish, rooted in his inability to exercise self-control or follow teachings of Catholicism, but he is too much of a coward to admit he is not Catholic and works for the dark side. Wonder of Christ’s Crusaders will give a second thought to striking down another heretic for crimes against God’s children.

The blog now dissects Judge Agati’s chicken scratch of an order on motion to DQ Judge Cunt Ficeto. Agati upholds child abuse in the face of his Catholic faith, proving his deviant jewness. He starts out correctly citing that a judge who does not appear impartial to the reasonable person cannot provide for a fair trial; thereby undermining the integrity of the court. Ficeto’s vengeful isolation of the fruit of a mother’s womb from the mother is fair administration of justice? Denial of freedom to practice the Catholic faith is justice? Scarring children for life is a judicial state interest? Summoning an almost dead guy to court is reasonable? What reasonable person (meaning not jewish) would find such action by the State to be anything but a demonstration of prejudice and bias? From there, Agati goes over the cliff.

The great heretic Agati proclaims that fellow jewish Italian slime ball Catholic Anna Ficeto acted APPROPRIATELY and PROFESSIONALLY in trafficking Sofi and Evie. Agati makes fiction from fact in claiming that punishment by child is not evidence that Ficeto violated Canon. See how the jews work? One jew covering for another to destroy the childhoods of baptized christian children for the sole financial pleasure of Agati, Ficeto, Brigham, Frenzel, and Fasano. Anybody going to be surprised to find headless bodies floating in Long Island Sound? The blog makes pointed observation that Connecticut acts solely to undermine the Constitution, where one judge protects another. Perhaps a single .50 cal can take out two tyrants with one trigger pull. The judges have so insulated their jewish form of child abuse from redress that only lead shot holds ability to protect the rights of the people. Agati incites violence, Agati promotes imminent lawless action, Agati begs his own destruction, Agati is a clear and present danger, Agati denies public redress of grievances, Agati is corruption, Agati begs violence, Agati pretends to be Catholic. May God be merciful in condemning Agati’s black soul to eternal damnation, but may the asshole die a slow agonizingly painful death to get there.

Communications Director at Holy Cross High School, Todd Santa Maria, has some explaining to do on why an evil monster like Agati ’75 is in the school’s Crusader Hall of Honor for being a judge who traffics Christ’s children in abrogation of the Catholic faith. How does a Catholic high school praise such a demon? Did he learn child trafficking at Holy Cross?

Shout out to the Agati family mother Maria and daughters Allie and Tina that your father is an evil monster who rapes children, destroys childhoods, and in no way is a CATHOLIC.

Agati ruling begs violence against tyranny
Holy Cross students discover a future where demons like Agati steal children … evil walks among them.
Holy Cross High School Alumni have satan’s brother Salvatore Agati as chair of the school board….dummies.
Agati residence at 263 Georgetown Dr, Watertown. Target for death rays from ISS and F35 smartbombs. Master bedroom upper left, where, Maria, mother of Allie and Tina sucks Salvatore’s dick as reward for destroying the childhoods of Catholic children. Don’t forget to honk when you drive by, snicker when you see the Agati’s in Church, watch the holy water boil!!! Satan is among us! Adjust accordingly, only two panes of glass. Halloween is coming!