Radio Robinson

Just when the people were beginning to suspect that Chief Justice Richard A. Robinson was a complete idiot, he opened his mouth and removed all doubt. Our beloved bird brain of the Sad State Supreme Court recently took to the airwaves to scare the shit out of We the people, that the head of the judiciary is a retarded moron. Listen to his blither here, on WNPR radio.

The surprise that Robinson is chief justice after the demented Chase Rogers is of no surprise. When it was obvious that Connecticut was not going to have Malloy’s gay boy, fudge packer, gender confused, dick sucking pal, Andrew McDonald as chief pedophile in black; then Malloy had to find something less objectionable, like nigger boy Robinson, to replace Chase. In effect, the first nigger is running the judiciary because the first try at having a publicly admitted sodomite do the job failed miserably. But black does not mean adequate. The state suffers from a chronic lack of brainpower in the judicial department, nigger boy ain’t helping to fix it.

Robinson stated that his poor black mammy frequently dropped him on his head and that his wife beats him so hard that he can’t remember her name. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy is not something that all modern societies look for as a quality in the judiciary. The jewish overlords who run the state find that judges with mental defects and gender confusion are easier to control. Needless to say, black boy from Stamford is the perfect puppet for his masters. He can’t think and he can’t remember….perfect sock puppet. Remember, he has already fucked up on some serious legal issues. He was part of the clown act in the silly case of limo driver immunity where he and Chase and five other idiots in black got the law completely backward in Lewis v Clarke, where the U.S. Supreme Court handed these jerks a unanimous reversal of Nutmeg law; opinion by Justice Sotomayor. The opinion of morons Rodgers, Robinson, Palmer, Zarella, Eveleigh, Espinosa and gay boy McDonald was so bad that the U.S. Government, asked special permission from SCOTUS to appear in the case and file a amicus brief because the Connecticut decision was so legally grotesque that it had to be reversed for the good of the country. When seven of the top justices of Connecticut get their asses handed to them by the feds, it is time to clean the retards off the bench…all of them. Yes folks, Connecticut is such a cesspool of legal incompetence there are no brains available to staff the bench. Dumb niggers, cracker retards, dykes, homos, deviants, fudgepackers, pedophiles…not one brain among them. A true disgrace to the people of Connecticut.

Let’s go through Nigger Boy Retard Robinson’s radio show. If you thought he was dumb, his interview will convince you he is totally retarded. He starts off with the ‘born a poor black child’ in Stamford, descended from slaves in North Carolina who migrated north to work in the war factories in the early forties, which had nothing to do with him, but he thinks it impresses white folk. Then high school, UCONN, WVA Law…blah, blah, blah. Then the cracker courts of the Wonderbread state needed some dark meat to avoid the perception of the obvious. Robinson is in the club with fellow retards like Judges Sybil Richards, Ernest Greene, Jr., Eric Coleman, Omar Williams, Erika Tindill, Raheem Mullins and the nigger hating, nigger lady Curtissa Cofield. None of whom has a brain. Scraping the bottom of the barrel to say the least.

Robinson the retard makes claim in his interview that Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto has FIXED family court. He explains nothing here and the lame host does not ask for explanation, which betrays the state propaganda at hand. The message is that family court is fixed, but in reality it has not changed at all. It is the same racketeering operation where the family Bar uses the court to rape children and plunder family savings. GALs are still the money thieves that they have always been. Robinson did not touch on the fact that poor brown kids like Baby Aaden, don’t get any ‘expensive professional GAL services’. He does not address the lack of equal protection applied to children in family court. Rich parents get expensive GALs, poor parents, no court time at all. Simply a money issue, designed by lawyers and judges for the benefit of lawyers and judges. Poor nigger grew up on the poor side of Stamford, but can’t recognize a hustle in his own courts. Poor dumb Robinson can’t see what his nigger sister Judge Erika Tindill did in the case of Battistotti v Aaronson. Same old game, traffic a kid, steal the money, drag out litigation for no legal purpose. Family Court is not fixed and Bozzuto was kicked off the bench for making it even more of a mess. Robinson is a fucking liar. The legislature had to kick Jane Emons off the bench and is teeing up Patrick Carroll for his bullshit games and public lies in lobbying to protect Emons. A purge of the bench is needed. Judge Anna Ficeto needs to go for isolating Evie and Sophie Grohs from their mother for over a year and a half for no purpose at law. Even Judge Gould can’t fix that mess. The sludge that is the cesspool of the Connecticut Judiciary needs to be pumped, hauled and dumped. Note family court is still so fucked up that any criticism of the jewish court is labelled a CRUSADE by Bozzuto’s pedophile replacement Judge Michael Albis. Talk about a fucked up court!

More strangeness is that nigger boy ignores the fact that Judge Elliot Solomon is the grand ruler of family court. Solomon has stated publicly that he has trained all the family court judges. He trained them all to the Talmud and it is quite evident. Robinson wants the public to believe that Bozzuto ‘FIXED’ what Solomon created? C’mon, this nigger is talkin’ smack. Nigger Robinson is just Solomon’s bitch. Solomon won’t let no nigger from a plantation change what is the most foul court system in the country, too much money is being laundered through family court and too many jews are depending on that revenue stream; don’t pretend otherwise.Retard Robinson goes on to talk about GALs. He obviously is lying as he knows full well the game of Mary Brigham and the corruption games in Waterbury with Resha, Cutsumpas, Schofield, Ficeto. All involved in child trafficking and financial kickbacks. Go ahead Robinson, lie to the public that something is fixed in family court. Why was GAL Veronica Reich recently sued? Because family court is fixed? What about that GAL immunity there black boy? He is going to protect the immunity of white lawyers plundering family savings, because that is what his jewish masters demand of him. Note that the only nigger GAL was disbarred for being a felon. Ain’t no room for black lawyers in family court….it is a jew thing.

So the interview does not touch on the Robinson’s legal failures. He like nigger boy Judge Greene write opinions that defeat the Bill of Rights in the First, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments. For a nigger boy claiming slave heritage, he is quick to destroy the Constitution, just as the jews want him to do. The curious twist in his commentary is that he thinks more diversity on the bench will help. Problem is the Connecticut bench is already quite diverse. It has dykes, lesbos, faggots, sodomites, pedophiles, retards, white, brown, black, jew, christian and it all does not matter because they are all so fucking stupid, like Robinson.

Maybe the best thing is that guitars will fall upon him, F35 smart bombs, death rays from alien spacecrafts, voo doo dolls and .308 ball ammunition, that he will forget which side of the road to drive and be taken out by a state snow plow. Does not matter what he thinks, says or does, he is a puppet. There will never be a proper judiciary in Connecticut, it is all smoke and mirrors, Robinson being the black smoke.

Be scared, very scared.

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