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Jane d’Bully

The now famous blog spotlights Judge Jane Grossman, presiding judge of Bridgeport family court. Jane is known as a ‘bully’. Her demented lack of self-worth creates internal anxiety, generating a compensatory need to beat up others on the playground to satisfy her mental defect of low self-esteem, lack of intellect, lack of self-respect, for which she expresses in the behavior of a pompous ass acting outside the job function of being a judge of the Connecticut Superior Court.

A civilized society has no use for such a behavioral misfit as a judge. Jane ascended to the bench by nomination of the miscreant and sexually deviant Danel Malloy in 2014, which means she is up for re-appointment April 2022. The management of the judicial branch is well aware of her bullyness and the lack of character, but Patrick Carroll and Michael Albis do nothing to remedy her behavior or anything to protect an unsuspecting public from a bully in a black robe, who the state fraudulently claims to be a competent jurist.

Time for the sovereign people to cleanse the bench … again! Let’s assume that Jane d’Bully does not catch a .50 cal in the head between now and the day of reckoning before the committee of the people’s representatives, that she takes a seat, takes an oath, reads some bullshit remarks about her judgeness, then gets hammered with questions on the past eight years of being a terrible judge, abusing families and children, all broadcast on CT-N.

The questioning will not be a surprise, as she was warned before hand that the knives are out for her in the legislature. It is even suggested to her that there will not be enough votes to put her back on the bench, or perhaps a vote on her reappointment will be removed from the calendar, allowing her term to expire in a cold, heartless action of a people fed up with Jane d’Bully. Perhaps she will not appear before the committee, preferring resignation to public character assassination for her inability to be a judge. The anxiety of seeing her ugly mug on billboards in Hartford and Bridgeport might just trigger a psychotic event, resulting in a fiery car crash. Maybe she will take her own life, a nine mil to the head, terminating the internal pain and suffering of being Jane Grossman. The world would be a better place, few would even shed a tear.

The now famous blog brings forth a prediction that the end of Jane d’Bully’s reign of terror from the family bench is near. The sovereign people cannot sit idly by watching misfits abuse the law, abuse litigants, abuse children. The only people cheering for Jane is the Family Bar Association whose lecherous members feed off of such grotesque judges. Eliminating Jane by car crash, suicide, or a simple no vote, will also serve to cull the ranks of thieves acting as family court lawyers. The world will be a better place.

An end to the legend of Jane d’Bully could be hastened by her own belly flop off the Middletown Bridge, a tribute to Baby Aden, her waterlogged corpse feeding crustaceans in Long Island Sound. Or she could just sit in her car, in her closed garage, with the engine running, a Fotis way out. But the blog’s preference is to see her jump feet first into an industrial woodchipper … a Connecticut classic!

C’mon Jane, just for you!!!
Jane d’Bully can belly flop from Middletown Bridge, Judge Albis can watch from the Middletown Courthouse!!
Jane d’Bully, needs to leave the bench, a judge she is not, nor ever will be.