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Jewdicial Tyranny

Jewdicial authorities wreak havoc on goy society, releasing murderers on bond to murder again, just what the jew wants to terrorize goy, the parasitic hallmark of the chosen to destroy the host society. Why have a criminal justice system if the jew can defeat its purpose? Jews love gang bangers who murder goy!! Jews have Texas courts wired, jew sponsored judges defy rule of law, applying jewdicial discretion to release murderers on bond, to kill again, jew lawyers and judges conspire to inflict terror upon a peaceful people, while begging their own demise. As court is the alternative to violence, denial of criminal justice incites a free people to provide justice, dispensed swiftly and accurately, with a muzzle flash … such is the guardian clause of the Second Amendment, necessary to security of a free state; for life, liberty, and the pursuit of all who threaten it … jews in black robes included.