Hunt Deichert!

Look for a small army of Connecticut mothers hunting down Robert Deichert, hubby of Reneé, father to Ellie and Rose, but soon to be raw political mince meat fed to the dogs. Attorney Deichert represented the State of Connecticut on behalf of Attorney General Willie d’chink Tong before Judge Robert Shapiro to argue against motherhood in defiance of statutes. D’chink Tong sends Deichert to throw mothers under the bus. Forget Willie’s pandering claim of protecting families is his first priority, both Deichert and Tong prefer little boys.

According to Deichert, mothers are not allowed to seek lawful protection for relief from abuse, when a jew mafia of lawyers, judges, and psychobabblists construct a forced isolation of children from mother. Not allowed. If you have kids, the jews of family court will use your own money to take them, which the Deichert/Tong abuse team claim is the discretionary right of jews, mothers having no recourse. Shut up, get in the box car, it is what the tyranical State finds best for you!!

Deichert argues against a mother’s right to marital assets as afforded in statute. Family assets must be preserved by pedo dad for the wallets of jews who drag out litigation and of course the special jew GAL who is responsible for collecting the judge’s cut. Mothers have no rights, pedos/jews control all! Pedo dad writes checks for all the jew vendors on the case. No money, no kids, just what Deichert/Tong mother-fuckers are all about. Blog gives a shout out to Reneé Deichert and Elizabeth Tong for their brave efforts in sucking dicks of these two pedophiles, who argue against state law in open court. Reneé and Elizabeth are proud!!!

Deichert further claims that it is no big deal when a the fugly Attorney Sue Cousineau, fails to inform the court that pedo daddy is molesting the son. Why should Cousineau tell the court? She is appointed to look after her wards, acts with immunity, is paid to provide some special service in family court, but acts to protect a pedophile. Deichert is all for that!!! Anyone going to hire Sue for legal representation when she is a known pedophile protector? Not likely.

Deichert applauds the executive branch of government in ignoring the jewdicial abuse of children for the sole purpose of making money for jews. Vanessa Dorante is just the cat’s meow for turning a blind eye to what is the federal definition of child abuse by jew judges Conway, Grossman, and Adelman. That is the entire purpose of the jew racket is to ensure that DCF does not interfere with the jewish tricks of the court. Deichert is proud of the jew’s separation of powers doctrine when it comes to raping childhood.

Deichert will not oppose the jewish financial fleecing by vultures of family court. He applauds jew Attorney Jocelyn Hurwitz bagging of $200k to keep statutory protections off of Mia, Mathew, and Sawyer. Deichert does not object to unqualified, unlicensed, unregulated opinions by jew psychobabblist Dr. Jessica Caverly, PhD providing a quackery diagnosis for a non-patient. Deichert loves the fact that jew Judge Grossman cannot follow the law, harms children, and inflicts intentional emotional harm. Deichert/Tong team finds that the purpose of jews in black robes is to ignore the law, fuck over the kids, hate mothers, that is what Deichert argues on behalf of all citizens across the state. Think the Deichert family needs to go into hiding? Tong’s too? Grossman, Adelman, Aldrich, Hurwitz, Moukawsher, Conway, too? Is there enough overtime in State Police budget to protect them all from the angry mob? Why would the police defend child abusers from ‘we the people’, as most cops love their mothers.

The Blog notes the strangeness of how Judge Thomas Welch the AJ of Bridgeport managed to distance himself from the Ambrose case, even when pleadings landed on his desk. Like he was told to stay out of the jewish affair?

Deichert does not object to jewdicial retaliation played out by Judges Grossman, Adelman, and Moukawsher, in attacking mother’s counsel for the sole fault of wanting to protect three children from the jewish wrath wielded from the bench against mothers. Jews know how to fuck up a society, Deichert will not survive if he calls out the jews for fucking over childhoods in the name of money, the true jew god. The jew judge club is sending a message by beating up mother’s counsel with disciplinary hearings … lawyers who expose the jewdicial racket of family court will be punished. Play along or starve.

Deichert and Tong promote the jewish form of divorce court: the more you have the more you pay. The Office of Attorney General is powerless to stop the jew form of family fleecing within the courts. Jews have a lock on raping family bank.

The good news is that Judge Shapiro had little interest in Deichert’s argument to dismiss the injunctive action because of some trite error in service by a fat marshal with a jelly doughnut addiction . The claim is hilarious. Deichert finds minutiae outweighs the societal interest of family court jews raping childhood? Deichert is simply not credible, nor does he represent the interest of a sovereign people, as he will soon find out when the silent mob of mothers, bearing fiery candles, gathers outside his house at 124 Fox Ridge Lane in Tolland. Wonder if his own mother will be there?

When the houses of the unclean, the perverts, the child molester’s, the racketeers, the domestic enemies, go up in flames, what will Governor Lamont say? He did not know that the jews rigged family court to defeat the rule of law, to harm mothers, to rape childhood, to fleece family bank? Or will he and Ann be running from a burning house and an angry mob of motherhood? Ned did not become governor because he was opposed to raping little boys.

Deichert ignores the judge war raging against the jewdicial mafia of family court. The jews will not give up the cash cow operation of fleecing families for a simple, administrative no-fault divorce. Criminal racketeering enterprises never come down without a fight. Tong is under jewish control and must obey his chosen masters. Elizabeth is standing by her pedo man, or she will be persona non-grata. Democrats raping kids. Democrats subverting the rule of law. A private club of jews in black robes raping childhood is being defended by Reneé Deichert’s hubby. Let the wrath of sovereign mothers correct the insanity.

Deichert cannot even recognize the simple fact that the jews are running the racket. Attorney Nancy Aldrich, a jew. Attorney Jocelyn Hurwitz, a jew. Dr. Jessica Caverly, PhD, a jew. Judge Jane Grossman, a jew. Judge Gerard Adelman, a jew. Judge Bernadette Conway, a jew. The jew makes money fabricating fights over kids that are orchestrated by doting jew judges who enjoy financial benefit for criminal activity under the color of dissolution law. A jewish delicacy!

Do not underestimate the force of a single .308 ball to the head, or the accuracy of a well adjusted night scope, and fine trigger control … a woman’s touch.

Editor’s Note: Again public officials act to thwart the redress clause, inciting imminent lawless action. If the government begs violence to uphold rights is it not a patriotic duty to do so?

What a mob of angry moms can do to a child predator.
Save the children. And the family savings.