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Terrorist: Patrick Carroll

Time to find a strong branch on the Charter Oak, strike a halyard from the mizzen, thirteen turns to the noose, peaceably assemble a mob of Patriots, torches lit, seize the fucktard in the dead of night, stuff a sock in his mouth, hoist the old fart on his own treacherous deeds, let gravity of a fat ass take its toll on crook’s neck, a sovereign people does its duty, a traitor swings. A righteous end to a soul so dark as to prey on children while betraying the trust of a sovereign people.

Judge Patrick Carroll ($211k/yr) is the administrative judge of the Connecticut Judiciary, not that such a position has anything to do with law, it is a perfect perch to manage scum and villainy. Judge Carroll proclaims that the elusive Family Court Bench Book is not a public document. The administrative reference book on family matters is NOT A PUBLIC DOCUMENT, even though it is published with public funds, by state employees, outside a courtroom, and has a Library of Congress catalog number. It is SECRET, not even the legislature can touch it! The public (little people) is not allowed to see it, as it is kept guarded in the Judge Support Services Division under lock and key held by overpaid moron Deirdre McPadden ($170k/yr) who holds a law degree, but knows nothing of law. The judicial branch is giving out a big ‘fuck you’ to the people of Connecticut. The elite jewdicial class formally proclaims totalitarian rule over the goy and their four-legged offspring. No longer a government ‘of the people, for the people, by the people’, it is now ‘just-us’ where the peasants kneel and obey. Got it?

‘We the people’ have no cause for Carroll’s shit. He can swing along with any other self-absorbed tyrant who conceals the operation of government from those it is designed to serve. The people are the masters and the protectors, quite capable of taking up 2A powder and shot to preserve the Constitution. Judge Carroll begs violence. Circling the jewdicial wagons, barring public scrutiny of the third branch of government simply begs its own demise.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of all who threaten it. Ask and thou shall receive.

Terrorist swing

All jewdicial lynchings will be carried out in a fair, timely, efficient, and open manner consistent with the policy of the judicial branch.