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Blog star William Tong, the chink Attorney General of Connecticut is in the spotlight, or perhaps more accurately stated, the cross-hairs. The geographically displaced chinese communist mole will soon take the pubic stage in support of state sponsored child abuse in response to a mother’s lawsuit filed against the State Mafia of pedophilia. General Tong’s own propaganda claims that protecting families is his top priority by standing up to ‘powerful’ forces that threaten all! But his own office refuses to help Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer when they sought protection, where Assistant Attorney General for Children, Steve Vitelli formally stated the state held no interest in protecting the abused kids, because Steve and Willie are into child abuse!

Tong will soon appear in defense of his pedo handlers in suit claiming child abuse by the Governor and his staff of state social workers engaged in child trafficking. The pedo game of Connecticut has crashed upon the public stage, wherein Tong is called upon to defend the state sponsored child predators. The complaint is an impressive sixty pages, identifying failures of state actors charged with protecting children. It is clear documentation that organized child trafficking exists under the guise of state government. A protective mother and her children have sued the Governor and his pedo protectors, forcing the state conspiracy out of the shadows, where Tong will show his true pedo colors by defending the predators.

Tong’s first action will be his last. He will file a motion to dismiss revealing the State’s commitment to protect child traffickers. Tong will hoist with his own petard. The suit corners Tong and his pedophile mafia, as the State’s lawyer cannot argue for child abuse on a public stage, but Tong will do exactly that; it is his sole purpose. If he cannot protect the state pedophiles, he will be dispatched and replaced with a more dutiful child predator of a more chosen faith, as a curious public is of no consequence to the pedo ideologues.

The legal issue centers around the conduct of a sixty year old, immature homosexual, with a preference for barber shops and latino boys, the blog famous Christopher Ambrose of Madison, who holds three adopted children prisoner at his house at 381 Horse Pond Road. The children detail his abuse in their own words, which have all been ignored by government players charged with child protection. The list of bad actors is a who’s who of state child predators. Colonel Stavros Mellekas, head of the State Gestapo is named, along with the retarded DCF Commissioner Vanessa Dorantes, administrative Judge Patrick Carroll, the head pedo in charge, Governor Ned Lamont. The accessories to child abuse include Madison Police Detective William DeGoursey, DCF social workers Tomas Villanueva, Zavondia Johnson, Stacy Falk, licensed child psychologists Drs. Deborah Gruen, Robert Horowitz, and Jessica Caverly; court appointed guardian Jocelyn Hurwitz, the grotesque Judge Jane Grossman, and the legendary Dark Lord of child rape Judge Gerald Adelman. All working together to rape children.

Stay tuned sports fans, William Tong will fight to rape kids using your tax dollars!!!

William Tong supports child abuse for your kids with tax dollars. Just ask his wife Elizabeth.
Lamont family. What if Emily, Lindsay and Teddy were getting abused by Christopher Ambrose?