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Victim Robinson

Nigger Boy Robinson comes out whining about race, lynching, and injustice while he sits on top of the most unjust state court system in America. Playing the role of ‘victim’, Robinson pens a letter to employees of the judicial branch about ‘racial upheaval’, whatever the fuck that means. Robinson is using his position as Chief Justice of Connecticut to fan the flames of racial tensions for the parasitic jewish goal of creating discourse in the host society.

Chief Justice Robinson’s putrid prose starts by stating that there is ‘racial injustice’ in America. No shit? The Indian tribes that once ruled Connecticut know this full well. White man shows up, Indians get fucked. Even today, law enforcement officers kill Indians with abandon, protected by ‘qualified immunity‘, another white jew judge invention by the courts to protect the ruling muscle. Police kill more whites than blacks every year, who cares? Blacks kill each other as a cultural ritual, no one cares. Chicago niggers killed 18 brothers on the last Sunday in May, setting a record for one day kill tally, no one cares. Last weekend they shot 92 and killed 27, no one cares.

Robinson goes on to say “These are troubling times. Our senses have been bombarded with a constant stream of scenes of horrific injustices that have—and still are—occurring across this nation.” Like this dumb nigger can’t see the horrific injustices in his own court system? He has to whine about a white cop killing a black man in full public view, where black, white, and brown bystanders did nothing? What about the horrific injustice that befell little brown Baby Aaden at the hands of white jew Judge Barry Pinkus in Family Court? What about the injustice of Jen Dulous being denied a simple and timely no fault divorce at the hands of jew Judge Donna Heller? What about the injustice of niggers Gail Hardy and Judge Omar Williams chasing down a battered white mother to recapture nigger Couloute’s child sex toy? What about the injustice of nigger cop Jermaine Nash of Norwalk arresting white mother in Glastonbury for protecting her kids? What about nigger child snatcher Judge Eric Coleman taking Evie and Sophie Grohs away from their mother, just to steal the trust funds? What about nigger Judge Sybil Richards’ inability to calculate proper child support for a white mother of a black child? What about the chilling effect of having to boot jew Judge Jane Emons off the bench for injustice?

Robinson’s greatest injustice is that his court confers immunity upon bottom feeding lawyers to criticize parents in custody matters. Talk of injustice? How do seven dwarfs under the control of jew Judge Joette Katz grant immunity to lawyers appointed by jews to steal college savings accounts? No Christian white man could commit such injustice, only jews of the Connecticut Supreme Court could usurp the power of the people in such a chosen fashion. If Robinson wants to cure an injustice, he can strip the family court GALs of immunity with a stroke of a pen, but he won’t dare, lest the jews snip off his limp black racially unjust dick and balls … and he knows it.

Robinson quotes MLK, stating “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” But the dumb nigger in a black robe cannot see that the injustice of his own court system threatens justice everywhere. He does nothing about it. Robinson is a puppet on the end of a long jewish string that keeps him in line and allows the courts to execute jewish justice dealt directly from the Talmud. Robinson will do exactly as jew Judge Elliot Solomon instructs when it comes to structuring injustice.

Robinson’s mental defect manifests in his plea to the most lame state employees that another dead nigger in Minneapolis creates “a battle for the nation’s soul. We must double and even triple our efforts to provide equal justice for all those that we serve.” The most lame, incompetent, lazy, uneducated, overpaid employees of the State work in the judicial branch, the most corrupt are judges. There is no effort at all, so three times zero is still nothing. Justice is not equal, it is simply purchased. The judiciary is designed to destroy the soul of the state. There is nothing American nor Christian about Connecticut courts, it is run by jews and paedophiles for particular agendas that do not involve ‘justice’.

Robinson hoists with his own petard, penning that he speaks out when his beloved country “is not living up to its ideals”. For fuck sake, this nigger’s own court does not live up to the ideals of America. Raping kids and protecting paedophiles is not an American ideal, but Connecticut courts do exactly that. Tearing children away from parents for sport and lawyer feed is not an American ideal. Arresting and jailing mothers for protecting their children is not an American ideal. Tossing poor brown folk out of court for being poor and brown is not an American ideal. Denying a mother of five a simple no fault divorce from her killer is not an American ideal. Bleeding family savings accounts dry in the name of family law is not an American ideal. Denying parents access to courts by whim of a jew is not an American ideal. Having judicial ‘officers‘ provide judges with unqualified opinions on kids is not an American ideal. Robinson is not only stupid, he is blind. The Connecticut Family Court is where white folks get lynched and rights are trashed.

Robinson is simply not American, does not hold any values and does his chosen master’s bidding, straight from the Talmud: lynching Christians. But he is a democrat!!!

Editor’s note: Deception is an element of jewish subversion in a host society. Robinson spotlights irrelevance to shield the injustice of his own court and his inability to be a judge.

Chief Justice Robinson playing race card to hide injustice of jewish courts.
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