Fairfield Speech Police

There is nothing more unconstitutional than using tax receipts to fund a local gestapo of uneducated, untrained thugs. Meet the Fairfield Police Department, a bunch of overpaid retards with guns, badges, and attitudes. Under the pathetic management of Chief Cracker Kalamarai, the thin blue bozos hunt down free speech and arrest speakers on probable cause that cops don’t like it. Oi vey, where has ‘murika gone, can’t even call a saltine a cracker or a black man a nigger any more. In Fairfield, the Constitution is suspended by the opinion of chief nut job to investigate and arrest protected speech, cuz he thinks it is bad. “This is something that we take extremely seriously and will investigate to the fullest extent,” Chief Kalamaras said. “There is no place for this type of racist behavior and language in our community and we will do everything we can to identify the person who committed this disgusting act and hold them responsible.” Did you get that? Disgusting comments about niggers in the BLM movement who burn public buildings are disgusting because Robert Kalamarai sez so. Oi vey, who dragged this retard out of the state infirmary and made him a cop? Are the people of Fairfield even aware of what this clown is doing with their tax money?

What is the sense of having ‘sworn law enforcement officers’ if they have no clue as to what is criminal conduct and what is not? The latest comical act of the Fairfield clowns is to arrest a white high school student for posting a snap-chat picture of a nigger labelled with the word nigger … all protected expression under the First Amendment. But not for the Fairfield Speech Police. The kid has been charged with ‘ridicule’ under CGS 53-57, which is an old statute, dating back to 1917, which was meant to keep commercial advertising clean, making it a class D misdemeanor to ‘ridicule’ folks to promote sale of goods and services. Pretty lame, never used, no case law, and runs afoul of the First Amendment. Thank the idiots in the State House for leaving it on the books. But thank the donut whores of Fairfield Police for digging it up to use as a false charge against a goofy high school kid for the sin of free speech. Cops even managed to drop the eclairs long enough to add ‘breach of the peace’ for a few pixels that floated in cyberspace then vanished. Oh my, call a whambulance! Some white kid made a comment about a black kid, where the Gestapo decided to arrest without a warrant. Can’t make this shit up. Read about it here. Chief Kalamari is too stupid to take the time to write up an application for arrest warrant, take it to the prosecutor to be schooled on what is an advertisement and what is the First Amendment, instead he hangs out is constitutional incompetence for the entire nation to laugh at. Even moron Michael Cummings, overpaid Superintendent of Schools in Fairfield thinks he has cause to arrest children for expressions on the internet outside of school, all in the name of ‘racism’. A self-described ‘educator’ does not even understand the First Amendment. Another town moron riding the marxist race baiting BLM craze.

Here is a legal analysis of the stupidity of the folks of Fairfield, read it here. Simply put there is no criminal conduct, just protected expression, but don’t expect Connecticut to figure that out. Arrested for words, the republic has fallen.

Wait for the civil suit against the police, the kid will have plenty of money for college! Fairfield residents get to foot the bill for police incompetence. Bring popcorn!!!

The evil snapchat post that triggered a SWAT team and arrest of a white high school kid for free speech.
Morons with badges, guns, and attitude. White kid going to get free college tuition from taxpayers of Fairfield for police misconduct, violation of rights of protected speech.
Four dumb crackers assisting the chief to make Fairfield unsafe for free expression.
Nigger, a word so evil that it can kill….what the niggers want you to believe.
Example of advertisement prohibited under 53-57. No niggers, no jews, no coloreds served.