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Mouk-who? What is going on in the child trafficking court of Connecticut? Judge Thomas Moukawsher is now assigned to the private star chamber of family court. He is the new presiding judge of the infamous pedo court known as Regional Family Trial Docket, where parents get fleeced and children are raped. But why? There is little in Moukawsher’s background to suggest he is a pedophile or a puppet of the pedophiles. Catholic upbringing, St. Bernard’s High School. College at the Citadel, where pedophiles are not appreciated. Worthless law degree from UCONN. A politico, lobbyist, part-time politician, appointed to the bench in 2013 by gay boy Dannel Malloy when his usefulness to Connecticut democrats was at an end. Here is a short bio:

After a diverse career in business, politics, and law, Thomas G. Moukawsher was nominated to serve as a Connecticut superior court judge in 2013. He is a graduate of The Citadel Military College and the University of Connecticut School of Law. After a stint in Connecticut’s governor’s office in the mid 1980s, he served as a commercial banking lobbyist for several years, leaving the business in the 1990s to serve as a member of the Connecticut General Assembly. He later served as special counsel to the Connecticut senate president and counsel to the Commerce Committee before returning to the private sector. Judge Moukawsher was also counsel to the Connecticut Democratic Party and outside counsel to Congressman John Larson during his service as a chairman of the House Democratic caucus under Speaker Nancy Pelosi. In 2000, as a partner in an investment banking boutique, he conceived of, wrote, and won passage of a $500 million program of urban investment tax credits for Connecticut. Over his last decade before taking the bench, Judge Moukawsher developed an expertise in pension law fraud, ultimately recovering hundreds of millions of dollars in stolen and defrauded pension funds for plans and plan participants. He was co-counsel to the successful class before the United States Supreme Court in CIGNA v. Amara, which led to a High Court ruling that has been described as the most important ERISA ruling in 20 years. In addition to the Supreme Court, Judge Moukawsher practiced before seven U.S. courts of appeals and 13 federal district courts from California to Connecticut. He was chairman of the Employee Benefits Committee of the American Bar Association and a fellow of the American College of Employee Benefits Counsel. Judge Moukawsher was a contributing author and editor of the definitive ERISA treatise, Employee Benefits Law (BNA). He was also a regular speaker on employee benefits law, including to lawyers and students at Georgetown University Law Center, the Federal Judicial Center, the American Bar Association, The Pension Rights Center, and Thompson Reuters. He is a fellow of the American Bar Foundation. On the bench, Judge Moukawsher has sat in criminal, civil, family, and housing courts, handling matters from the arraignment of murder defendants to the adjudication of complex civil litigation. Betsy Moukawsher devotes herself to civic and charitable causes, including serving as the elected town clerk of historic Groton, Connecticut. Prior to her current work, Mrs. Moukawsher worked in contracts and human resource posts in the defense and manufacturing industries. Mrs. Moukawsher has raised money for and served on the boards of numerous charitable organizations devoted to helping the homeless and struggling families, underfunded schools, as well as arts and historical organizations. She has been active in local state and federal elections for decades and has served in local elected offices as well as chairing and serving in many Democratic Party organizations. Raised in Michigan, Mrs. Moukawsher is the mother of four children and grandparent of two. The Moukawshers divide their time between homes in Eastern Point, Connecticut, and St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands.

Why does such a resume get you assigned to the rabbinical pedophilic court in Connecticut? Moukawsher is a shadow pedo and has been called to take charge of the Star Chamber? What does not make sense here? This guy was on the complex litigation docket in Hartford, why the move to child trafficking central? His chamber mate will be the Dark Lord himself, Judge Gerald Adelman. As a lawyer, Moukawsher practiced in all federal circuits, but now ends up at RFTD of Connecticut Family Court? Rock bottom or pedo calling?

Does Betsy Moukawsher realize her husband is taking the top pedophile judgeship of family court? The court run by jews, for jews, to rape children? Does Betsy know Tommy is a pedophile? Is Betsy a child predator too? Moukawsher has far too much money, along with a checkered past to not be a pedo insider, he is being called to fulfill his obligation to the ring.

Other judicial re-assignments show the true colors of family court. Judge Donna Heller, the jew who did in Jen Dulos remains in charge in Stamford, where the Bergsteins are currently being fleeced. The evil Judge Anna Ficeto, continues to pretend she is Catholic while overseeing child snatching in Waterbury, along with nigger boy Eric Coleman who is now a JTR. Judge Susan Connors has been booted from Hartford PJ to New London, having proved her inability to run a courthouse. The evil pedo master Judge Leo Diana leaves RFTD to take over in Hartford, a strange move to say the least, as he and Adelman enjoy raping children together. Jew girl Jane Grossman moves from the armpit of Bridgeport to the armpit of New Haven, as there are more children to rape in New Haven and Grossman is a pro. Jew Holly Wetstone remains in exile in New Britain, but unfortunately is not dead yet. Blog famous child predators are strategically placed in juvenile courts to ensure complete pedo control over available child orifices. Linda Allard is in Hartford, Barry Armata is in Rockville, Barbara Aaron is in Waterbury. The children of the State don’t stand a chance.

The question remains why Judge Thomas Moukawsher has been picked by the state pedophile ring to run the most predatory court?

True pedo colors, jewdicial assignment to child trafficking court
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Colonial child trafficking couple