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She is at it again! Another public example of a retarded immigrant female making it to the family bench to completely fuck up the purpose of court. Judge Tammy Tram Viet-Nguyen, is a piece of shit Vietnamese refugee from a shit-hole jungle, product of a fabricated war created by jews, whom she now serves, a token bit of diversity that every enlightened society abhors. She should have been left in the rice paddies where she could not damage American children. But now she sits in the family court of Hartford, totally incapable of performing simple judicial functions for a society who erroneously imported her stupid ass.

Tammy-The-Retard continues to drag out the Sakon case which has been going on since 2016, but remains strangely incomplete. Little Odin is now ten years old. He has been the focus of purposeless litigation for which is mother claims to have borrowed over $250k to finance. The players are the pedo elite of Connecticut. Margaret Bozek was the GAL who worked to cut Dad out of Odin’s life, starting when he was only five. Bozek’s specialty is pedo cases, so if mom ain’t raping the kid, it is probably Dennis O’Toole and his pals in Manchester. The notorious pedo psychologist Dr. Linda Smith did the ‘custody evaluation’ where she professionally recommends that Dad is so terrible that Odin should only have one hour a week supervised visitation. But mom is just perfect! The dykish firm of FreedMarcroft represents mother, where after five years of pointless litigation, 688 docket entries, and lucrative fees, there is still no parenting plan, no child support order, and no end in sight. The gravy train is just too good to let go and TAMMY! won’t put a stop to it. Attorney Jenn Shukla now pleads to allow mom to relocate out of state to a pedo commune hidden in the mountains of Colorado where screams of children cannot be heard.

Judge TAMMY! held a hearing this week where she ignores the lack of a parenting plan, ignores the absence of the required support order, ignores the attorney misconduct, where she just plays along, dragging out litigation, grinding Odin’s childhood into the ground, where all he knows of life is mother and father caught up in family court. Judge Michael Albis is pleased with the conduct of Judge TAMMY!, he loves to see kids suffer. How many more children does his court need to devour before an angry mob burns his house to the ground? Perhaps the mob will give a new meaning to the Vietnam War label of ‘hamburger hill’ to Penwood Road in Bloomfield.

Jewdicial child abuse has many facets. Little Odin has already had five years of mom telling him that Dad is bad. Kid gets punished whenever he complains to the crazy cunt that he does not like being isolated from his father. He is afraid to vocalize his love for Dad, as that will be another beating, then locked in his room with no video games and no contact with friends; cell phone, forget it, mom is afraid he will call dad. The psychological harm inflicted by TAMMY! and five years of familial conflict leaves a permanent mark. Odin is damaged goods of family court. A childhood sacrificed for billable hours and vendor fees. No other purpose to harm Odin than money for pedo players, but since it is done under the color of law, under the guise of best interests, by a court, overseen by a judge, it is legal. Curious if a .308 round, beaded on the head of a child trafficker is legal?

What will be the final straw that unleashes God’s righteous punishment upon the child abusers of family court? Another state funded judge who can’t issue a proper support order? A judge who thinks 7 hours a week is ‘active and consistent’ involvement for a parent? More hearings and orders over participation in little league? Discretion to abuse children? Will anyone be surprised when a courthouse is burned, when a judge becomes crab food at the bottom of Long Island Sound? When does family court get its comeuppance? When does the will of a sovereign people triumph over the evil of the mislabeled family court?

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