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Happy New Year! Time to make those resolutions! The now-famous Blog has no interest in gym memberships, dietary restrictions, or other self-help considerations. Blog remains focused on the evil of family court and herein lists the objectives for 2022.

More .50 cal ammunition for the number of jewdicial heads needing full metal jacket intervention. Evil cannot thrive where retaliation is swift. Jewdicial discretion of separating children from mothers properly checked by helicopter door gunner SGT. Mouk spraying the annual judges meeting. Patriotic snipers, gifted night scopes, and .308 ball ammo by Santa provide that American form of balanced checks on the discretion of pathetic jurists of the family bench.

Special New Year shout out to family court judges targeted for reappointment elimination: Jane Grossman, Leo Diana, Erika Tindall, Robert Nastri, Leslie Olear. The Blog puts bets on the demise of jew Jane Grossman for her terrorist behaviour. She has the distinction to be the second jew female behind Jane Emons and the second dyke behind Maureen Murphy. Diana has no place in a civilized society. He is on the losing side of the judge war, might as well kick him off the bench. Erika Tindill is dumb, female, black, incompetent jurist. Send her to private practice, she will make a great token diversity partner in a single shingle law firm. Put Robert Nastri out of his misery, he has no future. Then get out the t-shirts from 2014, where Olear was almost kicked off the bench in a vote of 78-67. A pathetic excuse of a human, this cunt needs to go. Society cannot improve itself while keeping a cesspool of filth on the bench, these jurist are better suited as natural manure to refresh the tree of liberty.

A prosperous New Year will see the demise of the big nigger puppet, his pedo administrator, the dyke deputy, some fire and brimstone for the Witch of Waterbury, a noose for her darkie, new cement shoes for the Jew of RFTD, some worrisome anxiety for underlings who aspire to the altar of evil. Fate will befall the predators of the Family Bar Association whose revenue streams will suffer this year. A bit of lead poisoning to dispatch the child predator professionals, lest the grand jury indict on racketeering felonies first.

Blog stars Jocelyn Hurwitz, Nancy Aldrich, Willie Haskell, Meghan Freed, Christen Marcroft, Misty Simmons, Rick Rochlin, Mary Brigham, Steve Dembo, Steve Levi, Sue Cousineau, Candace Fay, will all suffer greatly this year, as public opinion turns against the charade of childhood rape for jewish profit. A parental militia swells in ranks and firepower, poison darts, and toxic gasses; fear grips the defenseless monsters, their days are numbered, the purpose of the Second Amendment rings clear, death unto tyrants. Sic semper evello mortem tyrannis!

The continued public exposure of the jewish form of family court and the Talmudic nature of the underlying statutes will be broadcast on high, allowing the sovereign people to understand that family court is a jewish attack on the Christian concept of family and the sacrament of marriage. The black robed monsters are nothing more than the devil incarnate attacking the Church. The ideology of complete destruction of families being an element of communism, which is Marxism, which is 100% jewish ideology played out on the goy by a hapless form of self-government, which now begs its own destruction to protect the children. Bullets will fly, predators will die, the children remain precious. As Martin Luther wrote in 1543, the protestants were at fault for not slaying the jews.

Jewish ideology endangers itself when pushing a free people in defense of children, leaving only recourse in lead shot and dry powder. May the blood of evil refresh the tree of liberty, may children be protected.

SGT. Mouk, protecting children, one dead monster at a time.

Call it the year of the KILL SHOT.

Save the republic, eliminate the jew dyke pedo judge.