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True Threat?

The donut sheriffs of Lake County, Illinois did not get the memo on a .50 cal to the head from the federal courts. Big fat uneducated Deputy makes claim that a ranting victim of family court is making a ‘true threat’ to two judges who are not on the call. Here we go again!!! Nigger boy Sheriff John Idleburg and white judicial cocksucker prosecutor Eric Rinehart apply for an arrest warrant for Kash Jackson because he threatened to kill a judge to whom he never spoke, as interpreted by a donut whore with hemorrhoids. Of course another Lake County jew in a black robe issued the warrant, set bail at a half million and Jackson has been arrested at his home in Arkansas. Probably would have been easier to send a private email to a friend or simply make a blog post that there are two judges in Lake County, Illinois who are domestic enemies of the Constitution and are in line for a Judge Breyer form of .50 cal to the head. Just free speech.

Blog has seen this before. Voltaire stated that your masters are those you cannot criticize. These jews in black robes hunt down free speech and punish those who have too much to think. Puppets and co-conspirators like Rinehart and Idleburg are the enablers.

Blog loves free speech and adores the fat uneducated municipal dummies who think that praying for a state snowplow to take out a clown in a black robe is criminal speech. Fleas of a thousand camels to a jewdicial arm pit, or blog favorite, feet first into a woodchipper. Oi vey, the jews and their overweight, knuckle dragging, brainless cops work overtime to take down the First Amendment. Here is what the dumb nigger sheriff said to the press: “Threatening the life of someone you are upset with, let alone a sitting Judge, is inexcusable.  We take our responsibility of maintaining the safety and security of our judiciary seriously, and will investigate death threats to a Judge, or anyone else, to the fullest extent.” So said by Sheriff Idelburg. A threat to a judge who was not being addressed, this is what a dumb nigger thinks is a crime. Nigger boy was full of glee when he had to personally deliver the threat to the judges. This nigger speech policeman is a jerk. Patriots may freely express that death befall judges, struck by lightening, tarred & feathered by a sovereign people in defense against domestic terrorism. Just another day in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Blog aficionados will be forced to suffer thru cracker boy Rinehart’s interpretation of criticizing your masters. Madonna publicly stated she wanted to blow up the White House, why not the Lake County Courthouse, along with all the sheriffs and judges? Call it Madonna speech? Why send troops to the middle east to kill terrorists when there are plenty to kill here at home? What is a better use of tax dollars? Dumb white kid Rinehart going to lay down some First Amendment criminality from his beer pong days at Chicago Law School? He is going to prove that Kash Jackson made a true threat to two different judges in Lake County while he was on the phone in Arkansas to a security guard in Waukegan. This is going to be bloglicious. Illinois statute 720 ILCS 5/12-9 is the backward version that allows the victim to interpret a threat, versus the ‘true threat’ doctrine of the First Amendment. So two Illinois judges, who should not even be on the bench, who did not receive a message from Jackson, now hold reasonable apprehension of immediate or future bodily harm from a litigant that they fucked over, who now lives in Arkansas? That is what Rinehart considers reasonable? Sounds like free expression, not a true threat. Back to that ‘reasonable person’ standard, which is just what a jew finds reasonable for the goy. Immediate, which did not happen, or sometime in the future, in a dark alley, in a galaxy far, far away.

Rinehart’s political pandering goes like this: “The safety of our judiciary and our court personnel is paramount. Our office approved charges after listening to the evidence. It is never ever justified to threaten a public official under any circumstances. Our office thanks the Sheriff and his team for their work in protecting our courthouse, and this defendant will have to face consequences for his threats that undermine the rule of law.” So the donut whores protected the courthouse from scary words heard on the phone? Sovereign people hold a right to deal violently with public tyrants, that is how the country was founded. Rinehart is just stupid. How does wishing death upon judges undermine the rule of law? Rinehart is a jew and he speaketh like a jew and he one dumb cracker who needs to be taught a lesson on the First Amendment.

Jackson awaits an extradition hearing in Arkansas, where Judge Jerry Don Remy must rule that wishing for dead judges is criminal speech or that a true threat can be made by proxy, otherwise Jackson walks. It is highly unlikely that the Governor of Illinois can issue a governor’s extradition warrant on Rinehart’s false claim of criminal speech. Watch cracker boy Rinehart and nigger boy Idleburg get spanked for being morons by Patriots who can count to First. Jewdicial retaliation is obvious.

There are 15 elected morons in black robes in Lake County, along with 25 associate judges. Think there are not a bunch of jews playing family court games who would make the world a better place by meeting a snow plow? Niggers and jews don’t like the expression of an oppressed people suffering under the inhumanity and unconstitutionality of these monsters in black. Keep powder dry and shot at the ready, Patriots know what to do.

Blog highlights donut whore Deputy Chief Chris Covelli for his representation: “He indicated he was going to kill the judges and bury them in the ground, and told us we should take him seriously.” Shakespeare said ‘kill all the lawyers‘. But no one was going to bury them. Given the courthouse is near the lake, why bury? Some rocks in the pockets and drop ’em in the water, much less effort. For anyone who has suffered in the jewish family court, it is quite normal for parents to wish slow, painful deaths upon the jewish judges. It is simply legal culture. Guessing Covelli is gay, has no kids, and thinks far too highly of himself.

Given what Judges Joseph Salvi and Janelle Christensen did to destroy father-daughter bonds in Jackson’s divorce case, it would be of no surprise to find headless bodies of these child predators floating in Lake Michigan. Someone must protect the children from the jews of family court.

Fat beefalo, Chief Judge Diane Winter of Lake County has a mess on her hands. Free speech is going to haunt her.
Prosecutor Rinehart’s kids can count to First, but daddy just a dummy taking on First Amendment to prove he is an idiot, constitutional terrorist and a domestic enemy of the Constitution. Sic Semper Tyrannis is a state motto, death unto tyrants, even those in black robes.
Deputy Chief Christopher Covelli, finds the fleas of a thousand camels to be a threat to be taken seriously, but it is just free speech. Just drop the bodies in the lake, easier than digging.