Dennis O’Toole

What is totally crazy, has no income, no brains, incompetent counsel, but gets a ton of cash from Dennis O’Toole to drag out pointless litigation before Judge Tammy Nguyen for no purpose in law? The public is aware that family court is a child trafficking and money laundering operation run by racketeers in black robes. Blog now examines the fabricated elements of litigation where Francelia, mother of little Odin, pushes her simple no-fault divorce into its sixth year claiming her perverted need for sole custody, while support, visitation, and parenting plans remain outstanding.

FreedMarcroft is mother’s counsel. Six attorneys have represented Francelia since 2016, most are no longer with the firm of the smelly tampon, but Meghan Freed and Kristen Marcroft love billing Francelia. Strangeness is that Francelia has no money. None. Notta. Zip. Francelia lives in a crummy part of Manchester, she has no job, no income. How does nutjob mom file for no-fault divorce in a family of no assets in 2016, then runs up a docket of over 1,000 entries, over 1925 days, making a ridiculous number of court appearances, and now heads into the new year funding a trial that has had 20 days before Tammy’s bench strung out over the last seven months? Where is the money coming from and why?

Blog contributors note that Francelia’s boyfriend is listed as the provider of funds on her financial affidavit, not a little bit of money, a huge amount of money. One filing shows over $250k provided by Dennis O’Toole to Francelia to fund pointless litigation over Odin. But for what? Two fit parents of little means having a six year slug fest for the sole benefit of FreedMarcroft? Neither mom or dad can afford a lawyer; why the fight? Why the involvement of the infamous Dr. Linda Smith, PhD? Why the limited visitation by dad? Why the draconian recommendations by Smith to cut dad out of his son’s life? Why so much court time? Why so much cash to a single law firm?

The now-famous Blog’s bookies are calling this case for the pedos. No red-blooded American male gives his fuckbuddy over a quarter of a million dollars to flush down the family court toilet to cut a father out of a son’s life. The state pedo ring is involved. Nobody spends six years litigating a no-fault divorce unless the goal is to drag out the separation of the child to induce the psychotic break necessary to create a usable sex toy for the ring. The price of the purchased decision is embedded in legal fees. The return on the investment is huge. Little Odin is only ten years old, his parents have been tied up in family court since he was five. This is not a divorce, it is a pedo kidnapping and there is an criminal enterprise funding it, disguised as a cash loan from Dennis O’Toole. Blog notes that O’Toole’s house in Manchester is not worth $250k … spot the pedo?

Judge Tammy is following the directive from presiding pedo of Hartford family court, Judge Leo Diana. Another ten days of trial scheduled into next year is the give away of the racket that will result in a purchased decision of sole custody to mom, limited and restricted visitation for dad, with relocation out of state to a cult village where the kid works as a revenue generator. Monsters walk among us, some wear black robes, others are called attorneys.

The litigation racket exposed itself in open court where mother’s Attorney Misty Simmons of FreedMarcroft withdrew 40 previously filed contempt motions against dad. Judge Tammy let it slip that the court knew in advance the withdrawal was coming. Oooops! Now the public is left to ask why would good counsel file 40 contempt motions over the years, then in the middle of trial withdraw them? Meritless, frivolous claims, vexatious litigation, racketeering, money laundering? At two billable hours a motion, that would be $25k of lawyer fees just wasted by a mother who has no money. Starting to catch on to how Tammy’s courtroom works? How FreedMarcroft works? How Connecticut works?

Welcome to family court, where decisions are purchased and children are trafficked, in a system designed, and run by jews, overseen by jew nigger puppet on a high bench, doing exactly what he is told.

Chief Child Trafficker Richard Robinson. Cash, lawyers, kids, judges, and court time, how decisions are purchased to traffick kids for pedos.