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Jew Judge Albis

Well, if it was unclear what team Judge Michael Albis is playing for, he has removed all doubt in his recent zionist decision in the Taupier case. Nothing like some good old New Haven jewery to toss the kids, Gabriel and Sara in the middle of litigation, then call it ‘best interest’ of the child. Jew Judge Albis is on the receiving end of the puppet strings from Tanya Taupier’s money grubbing sleeze of a jew lawyer, the infamous, grande dame, pedo battle axe, Judge Annie Dranginis. Albis knows his dick and balls will end up down his throat if he disobeys Dranginis and the state pedo ring.

A brief history of this case. Recall years ago Tanya and Ted had been before the dyke on the byke miscreant family court judge for two years, trying to get divorced. Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto, knowing how to bleed the family bank accounts, dragged out the litigation, then told the parties they would have to start over. Little family court ploy to enrich lawyers… just start over. Two years worth of legal fees paid with no results…..want a divorce? Pay more! As well, Tanya’s lawyer was the fat disgusting excuse of a human sloth from Essex, the jewish monster Geraldine Ficarra. This was this professional attorney who filed a contempt motion against dad because the kids had cavities. Just another day in the professional kike court of Connecticut. As the jew judges under rule of King Jew Elliot Solomon do not take criticism of their rabbinical courts lightly, Ted’s criticism of cavity contempt was met with SWAT jewdicial retaliation, where the state gestapo failed to kill him and was forced to arrest and jail the court critic for mouthing off about the demise of Judge Bozzuto. A rather curious act by the state, as a recent survey found a majority interest in running family court judges through the woodchipper, feet first.

Now remember Attorney Ficarra did file papers to permanently isolate kids from dad, because dad causes cavities and talks ill of the jewish court. God then struck her dead and she was in the ground, under a stone bearing the star of David, before the motion came up on short calendar. Most likely a Christian God taking out his wrath on a jewish family court player. As the mother Tanya has lots of money, pretending to be an executive HR professional at Aetna, but really she is just a sport fucking specialist for upper management, in comes retired Judge Annie Dranginis, miscreant of a human and state pedo ring muscle. Annie plays the jewish card to isolate the children from dad, a great source of income for members of the state family Bar association. Conflict equals cash. Cash is all the jew players want from the gentiles. Albis was ordered to do the jewish deed. His pathetic prose of a ‘decision’ is here. Albis makes a veiled effort to claim some change in the universe, that dad is bad, that the kids are better off without dad, that dad speaks his mind, which is bad, that all is bad and that bad is bad, the children are better off without dad, as they even get better grades and that the First Amendment does not exist. So ordered by another jew judge of Connecticut Family Court.

But wait!!!! The kids, Gabriel and Sara, only exist because of the love of their father. If it were not for dad and the love of his children, the kids would have been butchered and dismembered fetuses in bio-hazard plastic bags in the dumpster behind the Planned Parenthood Clinic like all their half brothers and sisters that Tanya conveniently disposed. So why is Jew Judge Albis ragging on Dad? Because dad is not a jew? Because Annie Dranginis is making money? Because Connecticut Family Court has nothing to do with law and completely lacks any Christian context? Needless to say, Albis never read the Fourth Commandment and is one of those minor attracted persons.

In reading the jewish decision of the court, every point made by Albis on why dad should be cut out of the lives of Gabriel and Sara, must be viewed in the light that there would be no Gabriel or Sara if not for their father, Ted Taupier. Pretty much explains the jewdicial discretion of family court…all for cash, nothing Christian and for no reason at law…just as Elliot Solomon preaches from the Talmud! Do not speak ill of Family Court and the jewdicial masters, you will not see your kids!!!

Now bow your head and pray. Life is precious. There is a First Amendment. There are voo doo dolls that look like Bozzuto, Dranginis and Albis. There is a God; children are his gifts. There is a Second Amendment. There is .308 non-armour piercing ball ammunition. There are state snow plows; winter is here. There are death rays. F35 smart bombs, might be messy, but deliver a message. Connecticut Family Court and its jewish players are are a stain on ‘We the people’. There is a constitutional duty of the people to deal with Albis, a domestic enemy of the Constitution and enemy of the children. He brings forth God’s wrath.

Judge Michael Albis, child trafficker, enemy of children….jew.
Sarah and Gabriel, exist only because of their father.