Tammy’s Mistrial

The now-famous Blog continues its coverage of judicial misfit, Judge Tammy Viet-Cong, communist terrorist in black robe, sitting in Hartford family court, with the sole jewish purpose of wreaking havoc on American families, demonstrated by her mishandling of a simple no-fault divorce in the Sakon case, where she intentionally rapes the childhood of little Odin.

The tragic irony of Tammy Viet-Cong is that the land of the free and the home of the brave saved her worthless parents and pathetic brown siblings in 1975 by relocating them from war torn Vietnam to USA, keeping the family together, preserving all familial bonds. Christian principles applied to foreign rice peasants by a benevolent nation. Now Tammy repays the charity by wielding the communist ideology her family fled by destroying the childhood of a little white kid, attacking parent-child bonds, inflicting intentional familial terrorism, for the sole purpose of enriching fellow Bar members. Communist Vietnamese invasion of Connecticut. No one will shed a tear when Tammy is taken out by a state snow plow or steps on a claymore in her flower garden.

Tammy is in the middle of a sham trial which she started in April for a divorce which started in 2016 and is still not finished. Five years of pointless but profitable litigation. The trial is now scheduled to resume next Monday to the delight of the coffers of dyke law firm FreedMarcroft. Family court is a den of jewish thieves whose one god is money! Another ten days of trial is worth $30k to the firm of smelly tampons. But there is a small problem.

Blog star pedophile psychologist Dr. Linda Smith PhD is the expert witness in the case who maligns the father for cause of payment by mother for her pedo claim of sole custody of Odin; a purchased opinion. Dr. Smith wrote a ludicrous ‘report’ claiming that mom is wonderful, dad is bad, Odin should not know his father, all pedo opinion of the whack nut doctor holding no basis in professional studies. Simple communist ideology of familial destruction. There is not a single footnote or scholarly reference in Smith’s sixty pages of paternal character assassination. The work product is defamation in guise of dissolution law, protected by a veil of immunity, in a racketeering operation known as family court. But the new twist is that Dr. Smith does not have immunity, as ruled by Judge Susan Cobb on 13 October in the pending civil suit. Judge Cobb notes that Smith is not a court appointee for a specific judicial function, rather, Smith is a contractor, employed by the parties to provide a report in support their purposeless litigation. No IMMUNITY. Ooops.

By pleading of Dr. Smith’s own attorney, lack of immunity “would only further chill any reputable psychologist from participating in this crucial function of conducting an evaluation and preparing a report to assist the court in custody determinations.” No immunity, then no Dr. Smith … simple. Now TAMMY! has a mistrial on her hands. Five years of protracted litigation, over a quarter of a million dollars in legal fees to FreedMarcroft and the action ends up as a mistrial for the simple fact that pedo Dr. Smith is now a target for a defamation suit for her ‘report’. Another example of the jewish family court hoisting with its own petard under the nigger leadership of Chief Justice Richard Robinson.

Dr. Smith is currently represented by two attorneys in the case of raping Odin’s childhood. Attorneys Sue Cousineau and Cara Joyce have been silent on Smith’s inability to enter Tammy’s court to face an instant defamation suit. Attorney Joyce represents financial interests of the insurance company who is at risk on Smith’s professional misconduct. The insurer will not cover Smith’s antics in malpractice of forensic psychology on unfounded opinions raping Odin’s childhood. Smith risks losing all her assets for a few shekels paid to lie. Attorney Joyce has already stated to the Superior Court that her reputable client will not participate in a custody trial absent protection of ‘absolute immunity’. The clueless TAMMY! is left with a mistrial.

Somewhere in the jungles of Vietnam, a rice paddy is missing a judge.

TAMMY! missed her calling in a Vietnamese rice paddy.

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Dr. Linda Smith’s pedo jew sponsored career in family court comes to an abrupt end in mid trial. Immunity gone, defamation suit filed.