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Rumours are circulating around Hartford Family Court that Attorney Jen Shukla has been fired from the firm of FreedMarcroft for her incompetent representation of nut job Francelia Sevin, wherein Shukla advised her client to violate court orders as a tactic to promote conflict involving little kid Odin Sakon. Most folks view her firing as a good thing.

It is quite rare that lawyers in family court are held accountable for what is racketeering. But the now famous blog would like to point out that the more enlightened members of the public are well aware of the jew game of promoting senseless conflict involving children to generate revenue for crap law firms like FreedMarcroft. The blog is happy to welcome the replacement Attorney Misty Simmons who has already pleaded false, meritless claims that Odin poops his pants because of fear of dad, while attending a RedSox game, with peanuts and crackerjacks. Misty claimed child abuse to the court before old elder hag Judge Constance Epstein, without disclosing the material fact that the allegation had been submitted to DCF, who reviewed it, laughed at it, and tossed it in the trash. But hey, Misty needs the billable hours, misconduct pays! She will do just about anything to milk the cash cow for no purpose in law. Bank is the purpose of family court, everyone knows it.

So here is a pat on the back to d’blog for contributing the demise of Jen Shukla and a shout out to Misty Simmons to keep up the scam on little Odin, blog loves the feed. You are being watched, the judges are not happy with the publicity of the tricks played on the court by FreedMarcroft. There are ten days of trial scheduled in the Sakon case for December, which starts exactly 1905 days after the action began, over one half of little Odin’s entire life, five years of extended litigation orchestrated by FreedMarcroft and supported by Judges Prestley, Simon, Nastry, Adelman, Bozzuto, Suarez, Olear, Miller, Klatt, Epstein, Nguyen, Connors, Diana, Carrasquilla, and Murphy . Blog is watching. How many more FreedMarcroft lawyers can be tossed in the trash? A spectacle of divorce extending over five years, a gaggle of lawyers, a flock of judges, being a public example that family court is one fucked up operation, singularly focused on billable hours … nothing about children.

Managing partners Meghan Freed and Kristen Marcroft did not respond to public inquiries regarding the disappearance of Jen Shukla. Oddly, Jen’s attorney registration does not reflect the firing.