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Foul Ball!

The expert counsel of FreedMarcroft’s sloth attorneys plays out on the little league baseball diamond in Manchester. Not even the American childhood pastime of baseball escapes theatrics of Francelia Sevin’s insane drama of abusing her son Odin, under color of divorce law. After two separate incidents of Fancelia and her pedo boyfriend Dennis O’Toole dragging little Odin, kicking and screaming, off the field, exercising abusive parental right to assault a child, witnessed by players in the dugouts and the parents in the bleachers, the umpires call foul!

Last week nut job mom appears at the baseball game to save her son from playing ball with his teammates, but is detained by three Manchester Police cruisers with armed officers. After five years of pointless litigation, hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees, five FreedMarcroft attorneys, a police lieutenant from MPD, backed up by two patrol officers, had to restrain momma nutjob to prevent another child assault on the field. Talk about drama!!

The taxpayers of Manchester had to pay their armed guards to explain to FreedMarcroft’s client the meaning of the court orders that allow Odin to play baseball. The patrol officers even investigated mother’s claim that the child was being forced to play baseball, against his will! The police escorted nut job mamma from the parking lot, while the game continued without maternal interruption.

Mother Francelia Sevin is advised by Misty Simmons, an incompetent attorney under the retarded management of Meghan Freed and Kristen Marcroft. Despite court orders entered by Judge Robert Nastri of Hartford Family Court, allowing the kid to play baseball, free from mother’s interference, Attorney Simmons encourages disobedience, public drama, and child abuse. This is the practice of family law in the cesspool of Connecticut; continual pointless conflict. Lawyers fuel litigation by encouraging violation of court orders, forcing involvement of law enforcement, and child protective services, at taxpayer expense. Time to disbar Misty, Kristen, and Meghan? Arrest them for conspiracy to commit child abuse?

The now-famous blog notes that FreedMarcroft is pursuing sole custody of Odin to his abusive mother, while restricting Odin’s time with dad to one hour a week, supervised visitation, with a request to the court to allow mother to relocate Odin to a pederasty commune hidden in the mountains of Colorado. Judge Tammy Viet-Nguyen has ten days of trial scheduled to entertain mother’s fabricated pleadings. Will the little league umpire be called as a witness in Tammy’s court to explain how Odin was assaulted on the field by Francelia Sevin and Dennis O’Toole? Team managers? Team members? Will Misty Simmons pursue a meritless, frivolous, and vexatious claim in light of criminal conduct by mother? Another perjured affidavit of harm to Odin? Will Judge Tammy Viet-Nguyen recognize quackster Dr. Linda Smith as an expert on the evils of little league? Will Dr. Damion Grasso of UCONN testify to the psychological harm of little league? When does this insanity stop? Are the judges just part of this scourge on society, entertaining conflict where none exists? Mother violates court orders on advice of counsel to fuck up a little league game?

Stay tuned! Trial starts 29 November at 10am. Bring popcorn! Watch family court in full pedo action! Mother’s dislike of baseball is the legal basis for sole custody, an argument only a jew could entertain.

Three cruisers, two patrolman, one Lieutenant to detain nutjob mom, enforce court orders to allow a kid to play baseball.