Jenn Shukla, Esq.

What has no brains, a Harvard Law degree, bleeds monthly, abhors dick, hates her father, and is a danger to children? Meet Attorney Jenn Shukla of the famous Hartford dyke law firm of FreedMarcroft under the supervision of super dyke Meghan Freed. What a better place for yeast infections and legal man-hating than an office of dykes engaged in family law.

Jenn Shukla needs to be reminded that she is a commissioner of the court, subject to the Rules of Professional Conduct which prohibit her from ignoring orders of the court. But the sisters of smelly tampons, hold hands in Hartford Family Court before Judge Susan Connors and Tammy Viet-Nguyen, where law does not apply. Jenn makes a public statement on behalf of her nutjob client Francelia Sevin of Manchester, that the court order of visitation for little Odin Sakon has been suspended by self-help order of Jenn, who has decided that father poses a serious risk of injury to the child. Yep, d’blog can’t make this shit up. Jenn’s exact words:  “In light of the risk to Odin as described in Ms. Sevin’s emergency ex parte application for custody, … Odin will be staying with Ms. Sevin for safety reasons.”

See how the dyke works? She knows her client is violating the court order for visitation, she claims it is now a safety issue for a son to be with his father, but she exposes her charade, as DCF has not been called to deal with the child who is at risk of injury. See how Jenn’s half-baked excuses expose themselves? An attorney violates a court order by claim that Odin is at risk of injury by dad, but child protective services are not informed. See how dyke pedos roll? Lying, cheating, child-trafficking, cunt with a Harvard Law degree, surely she can lie better than that!

The judges of Connecticut take this opportunity to remind the public that attorneys occupy that special place in society which ensures the proper administration and quality of justice. Keep drinkin’ the kool-aid!

What is next for so-called Attorney Jenn Shukla? Sanctions? Disbarment? Disciplinary action, punishment, fines, suspension? Perhaps karma will just bite her in the ass? Roadside ditch? River float? Woodchipper? Why are the judges allowing such girlish behavior before the bench? Who issues law licenses to childish dykes perpetuating a fraud upon society for misconduct portrayed as the practice of law? Due process is now thwarted by a lesbo opinion of risk of injury to a minor based on a lawyer’s own traumatic childhood experiences and ingrained father hatred? Court orders are willfully ignored by law firms like FreedMarcroft?

The now famous blog takes this opportunity to provide a public service message that Jenn Shukla is one fucked up lawyer. Avoid this cunt at all costs. She does not know the law and operates from a stunted mentality equivalent to a high school hate clique leader, smoking in the girls room. She is a danger to her clients and to little kids like Odin. She profiles as a female pedo player. All would be better, if a state snow plow takes her out.